28 Different Plants That Start With I (Including Photos)

Who knew there were so many beautiful plants that start with I?! We certainly didn’t until we started researching this article.

There’s a lot to choose from, which means you can finally spruce up that bare patch in your garden that’s been needing attention.

Plants That Start With I

No longer will you have to gaze at a depressing landscape, wishing you’d sorted it out sooner.

It can be tricky to choose the right one with plenty of plants out there.

And, picking the wrong greenery could leave you wishing you’d left a flower bed unfilled rather than planting an ugly species.

So, to stop you from wincing whenever you look outside your window, we’ve made this article.

The following contains information about gorgeous plants, which would look great on balconies, in gardens, and as houseplants.

So, this means that you can figure out for yourself which ones suit you. Even if you just want to gaze at pretty pictures, you can see them here. Read on!

1. Illicium Parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine

The Illicium parviflorum ‘Florida Sunshine’ has shiny long light green leaves, which stay evergreen so you can enjoy these plants all year round.

To make the most out of this species, we recommend lightly shading the plant so that it can grow to 84 inches tall.

2. Indigofera Decora ‘Alba’

Are you looking for a bushy plant with bright white flowers, which can thrive in partial sunlight?

If so, the Indigofera decora ‘Alba’ originates from Japan and China, which means it likes a warm climate and ideally would be in full sunlight.

3. Iris x Amplifora ‘Ming Treasure.’

The Iris x amplifora ‘Ming Treasure’ is famous for its bright blue blossoms, which elegantly sit upon long thin stems.

This plant has pointed leaves that flop over gracefully when correctly looked after and is a lightly shaded spot.

4. Indigofera Kirilowii ‘Christo.’

Are you looking for light pink flowers that have a fairytale quality? If so, we recommend buying and nurturing the Indigofera kirilowii ‘Christo’ as its delicate branches are laden with pretty blooms.

Plants That Start With I

5. Iris Ensata ‘Lion King’

The Iris ensata ‘Lion King’ has watercolor petal blooms with purple ombre and white flowers. Native to Japan, this Iris can grow to 40 inches tall when placed in bright sunlight and given adequate water.

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6. Iris Japonica ‘Eco Easter.’

Taking similar colorings to the forget me not plant, the Iris japonica ‘Eco Easter’ is ideal for people searching for a species to fill a shaded garden.

The evergreen can use up a bare spot, which means it’ll bring a pop of color to a basic area.

7. Iris x Robusta ‘Dark Aura.’

The Iris x robusta ‘Dark Aura’ has dark purple and light green spiky leaves growing vertically. This means that this United States native can add height to any landscape, so long as you ensure it has UV Rays aplenty.

8. Iris Tectorum ‘Alba.’

This subspecies originates from China and therefore loves warmth, which allows it to grow blossoming white petals.

This little plant can grow to 15 inches high, making it perfect for placing in a 3.5-inch pot or an unloved place in the garden.

9. Iris Unguicularis ‘Francis Wolseley’

We believe the Iris unguicularis ‘Francis Wolseley’ is a conversation starter, which will keep you fascinated every time you look at it.

The flowers are a striking purple with green stripes running from the center, meaning they’re super impressive.

10. Iris x Pseudata ‘Yarai’

The Iris x pseudata ‘Yarai’ is a fun variation of the Iris species. It produces pink ballet petals and has yellow flecks in it.

At 24 inches tall when it reaches maturity, this plant can thrive in a 3.5-inch pot when it’s exposed to full sunlight.

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11. Iris Japonica ‘Wuhan Angel.’

The Iris japonica ‘Wuhan Angel’ has pure white petals, which means it is perfect for bridal bloom, flower arrangement, and vase.

In addition, this plant is an evergreen, which means it can flourish year-round, so you can enjoy it even in the winter.

12. Iris Ensata ‘Silverband’

The Iris ensata ‘Silverband’ will add a structured element to any undefined flower bed with muted long green leaves fanning outwards.

Native to Japan, this plant has dark purple floaty flowers atop the sun-loving species.

13. Iris Cristata ‘Vein Mountain.’

The Iris cristata ‘Vein Mountain’ has splayed flower formations, which means it looks super groovy. It originates from the United States and can thrive in partially shaded conditions. It produces its characteristic lilac and yellow-spotted petals.

14. Iris Brevicaulis ‘Yucca Do Blue.’

As the name suggests, the Iris brevicaulis ‘Yucca Do Blue’ has flowers that are a super bright cobalt blue color.

This evergreen will stay perky looking no matter whether it’s the height of winter or so hot you’re reaching for the ice lollies.

15. Indigofera Kirilowii ‘Bernheim’

The Indigofera kirilowii ‘Bernheim’ has baby pink tiny flowers sprawling in between lush greenery. Native to Asia, when you plant it in a sun-filled place in your garden, it can grow to 60 inches tall.

Plants That Start With I

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16. Iberis

This is an annual flower in many different colors, including pink, purple, and white. The dome-shaped blossoms have delicate thumb-print-shaped petals, which add fun pops of color to any landscape they’re placed in.

17. Iceland Poppy

Poppies are well known for their deep red colors, which usually appear from May until June so that you can enjoy their brightness in summer.

The golden yellow centers are an eye-catching addition. The seed pods can be dried to add to any decorative vase or arrangement.

18. Ilex

Otherwise known as the holly, the Ilex produces bright red berries with shiny spiky foliage. The shrub can even reach 3 meters in height and is a popular addition to many festive wreaths, arrangements, and landscapes.

19. Ice Plant

The Ice Plant has light pink flowers with long petals, which give it an elegant and graphic silhouette.

These are perfect for putting in small spaces, and they don’t need much looking after, so they’re ideal for first-time gardeners.

20. Impatiens

The Impatiens has light pink flowers, which add delicacy to any rockery space so that you can add life to this area.

And this isn’t the only color that Impatiens come in, as you can choose many variations that allow you to suit any existing landscaping scheme.

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21. Indian Blanket

This plant is otherwise known as Gaillardia pulchella and creates vibrant flowers with bold red and yellow markings.

An additional bonus to nurturing this plant is that it’s also attractive to pollinating birds and butterflies because it produces a fragrant scent.

22. Ipheion Uniflorum

The Ipheion Uniflorum is a perennial plant perfect for adding to a flower bed’s borders as it doesn’t grow super tall.

The flowers are star-shaped and primarily bright blue with vibrant yellow centers, so you can be sure that they’ll bring a pop of color to your outdoor space.

23. Indian Pink

The Indian Pink has long, delicate red flowers, which shoot up on one side in a line down a stem. They love wet soil so long as it’s well-draining, and if you look after them, they can grow to 46 cm wide, too!

24. Ipomoea Alba

This is a truly stunning plant mainly because it displays wavy white flowers, the focal point above its leaves.

In addition, the Ipomoea Alba grows heart-shaped foliage as if that wasn’t cute enough. It can even wind its way around a structure, producing vines more than thirty-one feet in the air!

Plants That Start With I

25. Ipomea

Another gorgeous flower, this plant, has blue, white, and yellow trumpeting blossoms, which are angled to shine upwards.

To place this one in an ideal spot, we recommend planting it on a flower bed border or in a rockery, as it grows pretty low to the ground.

26. Italian Aster ‘Italian Starwort’

The perennial Italian Aster shows vibrant purple flowers with golden yellow centers, which blossom in Mediterranean climates. If you don’t have this warmth outdoors, this plant can be grown indoors to significant effect during winter, so you can look after and enjoy it year-round.

27. Ivy Leaf Geranium

The Ivy Leaf Geranium forms clumps with thin leaves and fragrant lilac blooms, making it ideal for proudly placing on a patio.

As an extra plus, this Geranium is easy for beginners to maintain as it develops quickly and doesn’t require much nurturing.

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28. Ixia ‘African corn lilies’

The Ixia ‘African corn lilies’ come in annual and perennial varieties, some of which you can eat! Native to South Africa, this plant has sunny yellow blossoms, which perch atop dainty yet strong stems.


We’ve listed 28 gorgeous plant species in this article, suitable for various spaces! Whether you’re a first-time gardener or a seasoned pro, we recommend you take your pick of these species and try nurturing them.

Our personal favorite plant starting with I, is the Ipomoea Alba as its white petals look like floaty wedding dress fabric. So we advise that you grow this one if you want to add an elegant blossom to your bouquet on your happiest day.

We have more content like this on offer, so please feel free to browse and learn more about the natural world. Happy gardening!

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