34 Amazing Silver Flowers (Including Pictures)

You may be wondering if such a thing llike Silver Flowers exist. But they do! In fact, silver-colored plants (especially silver foliage) are coveted by many for their interesting color and spectacular blooms.

And they’re pretty easy to look after, too.

Silver Flowers

While there aren’t as many silver flowers as there are blooms of other colors, that just makes them a little better.

They are also a subtle way to add flair to a bouquet or table centerpiece without the hassle.

But just how many types of silver flowers and foliage plants are there? And can they be easily grown?

If you’re curious about authentic silver flowers (rather than artificial counterparts), we’ve got you covered.

In this article, we’ll be listing some of our top picks for the most visually appealing silver flowers out there.

1. Artemisia

Artemisia Silver Flowers

Artemisia varieties are some of the most treasured plants out there because they are true neutrals.

They look good anywhere (yes, we mean it!) and have beautifully textured foliage that will add a touch of elegance to your yard.

2. Bismarck Palm

Bismarck Palm Silver Flowers

Bismarck Palm hails from Madagascar and will make a great feature piece for any landscape. Its large, blueish fronds grow to 3 meters wide and can reach a height of 20 meters.

These should be planted in full sun or part shade in well-drained soil.

3. Blue Chalk Sticks

Blue Chalk Sticks Silver Flowers

With a silvery-blue color tone, this low-maintenance succulent is very easy on the eye.

They should also be planted in moist soil and in a spot where they can receive filtered light (do not put it in the direct path of the sun!)

4. Blue Fescue

Blue Fescue

If you’re looking for a more silvery-blue plant, this is the one for you!

From a distance this plant looks to be receding from view, so you can plant it further away to add subtle volume to your land.

5. Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce

Blue Spruce showcases short, silver needles year-round.

These trees are usually very hardy, tough, and drought-tolerant. Due to this, you can find many variations of this plant including ground cover forms and shrub types. It needs to be planted in well-drained soil.

6. Buddleja ‘Silver Anniversary’

Buddleja ‘Silver Anniversary’

It is a medium-sized shrub and can be grown in containers too. The flowers are fragrant and attractive to bees and hummingbirds.

The plant has silver-gray foliage, has average watering needs, and requires warmth and full sun in order to grow.

7. Cardoon


Cardoon has silver thistle-like foliage that features small globe artichokes atop tall stems. These open into purple flowers in warmer temperatures.

Cardoon plants grow from late spring to late summer and require a full sun position and well-drained soil.

8. Curry Plant

Curry Plant

Though this isn’t a flower, we felt we had to include it on this list.

Whether you choose to grow this plant for its distinct scent or its simplistic beauty, it is an excellent way to fill space in borders, or in containers.

Also, small flowers will bloom once the plant has fully matured!

9. Cushion Bush

Cushion Bush

Cushion bush is the perfect way to decorate coastal locations.

This silvery-gray shrub will flourish in a sunny spot and resist wind and salt spray like a champion. It has a low-growing, bun-shaped habit, making it ideal for hedges, topiary, or as a feature.

10. Dianthus


With fragrant, showy flowers, the Dianthus plant is already a popular choice for flower beds and yards.

But some varieties offer stunning silver leaves and foliage that remains even as the flowers have faded away.

11. Dichondra


Want to add a touch of elegance to your yard?

We’d recommend looking at Dichondra.

This beautiful plant looks as if it is glowing from dusk until dawn, making it a perfect addition to any yard.

12. Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller

Dusty Miller is a versatile plant that features incredibly textured foliage, speckled by silver-gray hairs. It pairs well with many other plants and will look incredible in your yard.

13. Echeveria


Echeveria needs little to no water and is easy to maintain.

Many variations of this annual plant have eye-catching silver foliage (although this indicates drought resistance).

14. Eryngium Giganteum

Eryngium Giganteum

Also known as Silver Ghost, this ghoulish-looking flowering plant is as dramatic as it is long-lasting.

It features cone-shaped heads of blue flowers surrounded by silver-white spiked brackets. If its unique appearance wasn’t enough, it’s also very easy to grow and maintain!

15. Eucalyptus Cinerea (Silver Dollar)

Eucalyptus Cinerea (Silver Dollar)

A small to a moderately sized tree with a compact, dense crown of beautiful silvery foliage that holds tight to its stems. It grows quickly and is quite easy to maintain.

16. Heuchera (‘Sugar Frosting’)

Heuchera (‘Sugar Frosting’)

Heuchera’s are ideal foliage plants. Its “Sugar frosting” perennial species has beautiful silvery-burgundy leaves and requires well-drained soil and partial sun in order to properly thrive.

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17. Jack Frost Brunnera

Jack Frost Brunnera

Commonly known as Siberian Bugloss, this perennial plant will provide something unique to your land.

It boasts blue flowers in the spring and has silvery-green leaves that make a statement. The plant prefers moist soil conditions but will tolerate dry soil.

18. Japanese Painted Fern

Japanese Painted Fern

With two-toned silver and purple foliage, this perennial plant adds light to shaded landscapes.

They are immediate attention-grabbers that thrive when light and soil conditions are correct. However, these are far more susceptible to pest damage.

19. Kalanchoe ‘Silver Spoons’

Kalanchoe ‘Silver Spoons’

Kalanchoe Bracteata is a compact succulent plant that features oval ‘spoon-shaped’ leaves.

It needs to be planted in organically rich but well-drained soil for optimum growth and should be watered moderately throughout the duration of summer.

20. Lamb’s Ear

Lamb’s Ear

Named after the large, fuzzy, oval shape of its leaves, this plant is a virtue if you’re looking for ground cover.

Lamb’s Ear is coveted for these leaves, as well as its small purple blossoms and tall flower spikes (all in late spring to mid-summer).

21. Lavender


Lavender is a versatile plant that has earned its spot in many gardens. It features fragrant foliage that is drought and heat resistant and requires well-drained soil to properly grow.

However, it can rot in wet soil – so it will need to be carefully looked after.

22. Licorice Plant

Licorice Plant

These thrive in hot, sunny environments. Licorice Plants have soft foliage that adds character to any container while also releasing a slight licorice fragrance into the air.

It boasts plush, velvet-like silver leaves and tiny insignificant blooming flowers.

23. Lungwort


Don’t let the name fool you – this plant is truly lovely! Often grown for its interesting leaves, this plant is as appealing as it is resilient.

Its leaves are coated in a rough, hairy fuzz, and its flowers can bloom in the spring in a variety of colors ranging from blue to pink to white.

24. Panda Plant

Panda Plant

The Panda Plant is easy to grow and super-resilient. It features soft, silvery leaves that have been likened to an animal’s ears, hence its name.

It is great in landscapes as an accent or a ground cover.

25. Russian Sage

Russian Sage

Perfect for late summer into early fall, this perennial plant features stunning silvery-green foliage and violet flowers.

Its foliage is highly aromatic. Plus, it’s at the top of the list for easy-to-care-for perennial flowers! Just ensure they are planted in well-drained soil.

26. Sea Holly

Sea Holly

Featuring steel-blue flowers and spiny silver foliage, Sea Holly is a fantastic perennial choice for your yard.

It’s not invasive, is easy to grow and care for, and simply requires dry, well-drained soil to grow!

27. Silver Bush

Silver Bush

Silver Bush features evergreen foliage that is covered in fine silver-grey hairs. It is best grown in a pot or at the front of a border in well-drained soil.

28. Silver Dust

Silver Dust

Silver Dust (Senecio Cineraria) is a half-hardy tender shrub. Its young leaves are slightly lobed but become deeply cut as they mature.

They also become coated in silvery gray fleece.

It’s perfect for growing at the front of a border, and also as part of a container.

29. Silver Falls

Silver Falls

Silver Falls is an impactful creeping plant that has long, silver trailing stems.

Most commonly, it is used as a ground cover or is hung in pots. It needs rich (but not heavy) soil and prefers medium to dry conditions.

30. Silver Fox

This is one of the most beautiful dwarf Foxgloves. It has silver foliage that is coated in a thick layer of soft hair alongside creamy-white bell-shaped flowers – both of which add to its elegance.

It’s mostly ideal for growing in full sun to full shade in a herbaceous border.

31. Silver-Leaved Poplar

Silver-Leaved Poplar

These plants derive their name from the silvery underside of their foliage.

But, despite their effortlessly attractive appearance, they are considered to be an invasive plant species in North America.

32. Silver Mound Artemisia

Silver Mound Artemisia

The foliage of the Silver Mound Artemisia is silver-gray in color and very dense. It is a cold-hardy plant and is highly useful when creating rock gardens.

33. Silver Sage

Silver Sage

Also known by its official name Salvia Argentea, this is a short-living perennial. It is made up of furry leaf rosettes and is easily grown from seed.

However, the plant is not suitable for the tropics and requires a more moderate climate.

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34. Snow In Summer

Snow In Summer

This perennial plant has silvery-white star-shaped flowers that appear in early summer or late spring. It makes for an excellent ground cover plant with profuse flowering that resembles a pile of snow.

The silver foliage of the plant also retains its color year-round.


That concludes the list of our favorite silver flowers and foliage plants!

They offer unique color blends and ethereal flower types that cannot be replicated anywhere else.

Plus, they’ll look pretty good in a bouquet or in your yard (depending on the type of flower you prefer, of course!)

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