28 Awesome Tropical Rainforest Plants (Including Pictures)

Rainforest plants are very diverse in appearance, characteristics, and other aspects. To help rainforest plants thrive, they need the presence of certain climatic conditions. The main climatic conditions for the tropical rainforest plants to stay healthy are high temperatures, moisture aplenty, super humid air, and high carbon dioxide concentration.

The tropical rainforest plants need high temperatures to survive. The minimum temperature these species need is between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. The temperature of the rainforest is usually humid and hence the need for plants that can withstand such conditions. 

28 Awesome Tropical Rainforest Plants (Including Pictures)

But, searching for stunning natural species that are perfect for you can be exhausting if you don’t live in a tropical location. Picking the wrong ones to have in your home can mean wasting your money! Thankfully, rainforest plants such as orchids can thrive well indoors, meaning you don’t have to live in a warm climate to enjoy caring for them. 

We’ve done our research and found that many different gorgeous leafy friends will give you the exotic vibe you’re after. But, even if you just want to learn about tropical rainforest plants, you can by reading the following article!

1. Epiphytes 


Epiphytes are a group of leafy species with unique adaptations that allow them to live in trees and other plants. They are found in tropical regions such as the Amazon rainforest, which means they’re ideal for those that live in humid conditions. 

2. Orchids 


Orchids are a very diverse group of plants, and they are among the most beautiful flowers in the world, so you can brighten up your indoor space easily with them. In addition, this species is easy to care for and can be displayed in vases, or you can choose to mount them on a wall. 

3. Bromeliads 


Bromeliads are a group of plants native to tropical regions, which can grow up to 5 feet in height. They are famous for their beautiful blooms, which come in various red, yellow, orange, white, and purple. 

4. Acai Palm (Euterpe Precatoria) 

Acai Palm (Euterpe precatoria) 

Acai palms, native to the Amazon rainforest, are famous for their highly healthy fruit for the body. They come in a wide range of sizes, with some being small enough to fit in a pot while others are tall enough to reach the top of your house.

5. Rattan Palm (Calamus Rotang) 

Rattan Palm (Calamus Rotang) 

Rattan palms are a species of large palm that is native to the tropical rainforest and can be grown in many houses or gardens. These plants are very popular for their long, slender stems used to make furniture. 

6. Walking Palms (Ravenea Rivularis) 

#6 Walking Palms (Ravenea rivularis) 

Walking palms are slow growers and can be grown in many climates. They are ideal for growing plants with exciting root structures as the bottom parts reach above the ground. 

7. Amazon Water Lily (Victoria Amazonica) 

#7 Amazon water lily (Victoria amazonica) 

Amazon water lilies are lovely aquatic plants native to the Amazon rainforest. They have large leaves that come in shades of green, purple and red, and are easy to care for so you can add some color to your water feature.

8. Bougainvillea


Bougainvillea is a species of flowering plant from the family of the same name with clusters of small pink or white flowers. These plants are native to South America and can even be grown indoors so that you can enjoy pops of color even in a cold climate.

9. Indian Timber Bamboo (Bambusa Tulda) 

Indian Timber Bamboo (Bambusa Tulda) 

Indian timber bamboo is a plant species native to the tropical forests in South Asia. Although these plants are commonly used to make furniture, they’re famous for creating musical instruments and valuable paper.

10. Bucket Orchid

Bucket Orchid

Bucket orchids are a very popular species of orchids, and they are commonly used to make cut flowers. These plant species have large, dark green leaves with a white ring, which looks like it’s been drawn on by a coloring pencil.

11. Tualang (Koompassia Excelsa) 

#11 Tualang (Koompassia Excelsa) 

Tualang trees are a species of tree native to South East Asia, famous for their hardness and durability. These trees are tough to demolish, making them very popular for several uses, including building bridges and homes.

12. Heliconia 


Heliconia is a plant species native to Central and South America, and they are known for their beautiful flowers. These flowers can be red, yellow, orange, pink, and white, and they look lovely in a large pot in a suitable garden.

13. Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) 

 Kapok (Ceiba Pentandra) 

Kapok trees originate from the tropical rainforest, and they are famous for their seeds and flowers. The seeds of these trees are very light in weight and are used to make clothing, bedding, and a range of other uses.

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14. Durian 


Durian trees, native to the tropical forests in Southeast Asia, are famous for their fruit. Unfortunately, these fruits have a strong odor similar to rotting meat, are banned in some public places in Singapore.

15. Mahogany 


Mahogany trees are among the tallest trees in the rainforest, native to Central America. These trees are famous for their timber, commonly used to make boats, furniture, and musical instruments.

16. Cacao Plant 

Cacao Plant 

Cacao trees are among the most famous trees globally, coming from South America and creating many beloved foods. For example, these trees produce fruit used to make chocolate, and their seeds are also used to make delicious oil.

17. Passion Fruit Flower 

Passion Fruit Flower 

Passion fruit plants are known for their beautiful purple flowers and tasty fruit that can be used to make delicious smoothies. These plants are easy to care for and can be grown from seeds, meaning you can quickly look after them inside your home.

18. Hancornia 


Hancornia is a species of tree native to Brazil, Bolivia, Paraguay, and Peru, producing fruit commonly used to make a variety of meals. This tree has very delicious fruit, and they are a favorite among the locals.

19. Bactris 


Bactris is a species of palm that originates primarily from Central and South America, and they are known for their edible fruits. These fruits are high in calcium, vitamin C, and fiber, and they are a favorite among people in the area.

20. Chamaedorea


Chamaedorea is a group of palms native to various tropical regions. They are known for their beautiful flowers. These flowers are usually white, yellow, or orange, and they grow on long stalks that look very exotic.

21. Desmoncus 


Desmoncus trees are vining palms that climb upwards in the tropical rainforest, and they’re mainly well known for their seeds. However, this plant is used to make various products, including paper, rope, and toys, and they come in an array of colors.

22. Dictyocaryum 

Dictyocaryum lamarckianum

Dictyocaryum is a palm species native to the Amazon rainforest, and they are known for their beneficial leaves. The foliage on this plant is very popular among the people in the area who create thatched products and delicious food with it. 

23. Euterpe 


Euterpe is a genus of palms native to the Amazon rainforest, which can grow as tall as two-story houses and create a thick liquid. This substance is beneficial for cooking, and it is also often the main ingredient for the beloved acai drink. 

24. Iriarte 


Iriarte is a palm species that originate from the mighty Amazon rainforest, and they’re known for their very hardwood. The timber from this plant is often used to make boats, furniture, tools, and the fruit can also be eaten! 

25. Leopoldinia 


Leopoldina is a genus of plants in the family Erythroxylaceae, typically found in Brazil. They are known for their edible fruit, which is used to make alcohol, and the wood of the tree is often used for constructing furniture.

26. Syagrus 


Syagrus is a genus of palm trees with thick brown trunks that grow tall in the Amazon rainforest and are known for their beautiful flowers. These flowers are white, yellow, and orange, growing on the top of the tree in hairy formations.

27. Wettinia kalbreyeri 

Wettinia kalbreyeri 

Wettinia kalbreyeri is a genus of palms with great fanning leaves that reach upwards towards the sunlight. If you want to add structure to your landscaping, we recommend buying this plant because it will definitely stand out! 

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28. Lecythidaceae 


Lecythidaceae is a family of plants that are either a single or a group of trees that are native to the Amazon rainforest. They flower with red, yellow, and white flowers that sparkle in the center rounded off the foliage. 


The tropical rainforest is filled with luscious plants that contribute to its thriving ecosystem, supporting one another. Ideally, many species in this humid environment need lots of moisture, warm temperatures, and a dense atmosphere. 

However, if you don’t have access to these conditions naturally, you can put many species indoors. Orchids, in particular, thrive inside when they’re watered once every two weeks and placed in a partially sunny spot.

Because they create vibrant blossoms, the orchid is our favorite species from the tropical rainforest. In addition, many palm trees originate from these conditions, which would add height to many different landscapes. 

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