21 Interesting Types Of White Plants (Including Photos)

There is something truly versatile and special about white plants, as white is a color with many meanings and uses.

It can be pure and innocent, used in sacred or special events and ceremonies (such as weddings), or it can symbolize death and new beginnings, used in solemn occasions (such as funerals).

But also, white plants are pretty, and look good in any garden, as they are neutral enough to combine well with any other colors and plants in the surrounding area! 

If you’re looking into white plants, whether it’s to learn more about them, to discover some new ones, or to choose one for an occasion or to plant in your garden…you’re soon going to find out that there are far too many to list.

But to narrow down the search a little, we’ve compiled a list with some of the most popular white flowers, along with some of our personal favorites. Let’s take a look at them! 

1. Ammi

White Plants

The Ammi, officially known as the Ammi majus or the Ammi visnaga, is a white flowering plant best known for growing in clusters that form a big dome shape at the top of the stem.

They look amazing in gardens, and are very common out in the wild, and they are also often used as cut flowers in bouquet arrangements. Plus, they are great for attracting all sorts of pollinating insects! 

2. Anemones

White Plants

Anemones, sometimes commonly referred to as windflowers, are a beautiful flower plants from the buttercup family. They are native to all places with a temperate climate on all continents, except for Australia, New Zealand , and Antarctica.

They come in all sorts of colors, but white Anemones, in particular, are considered to be especially beautiful and are sometimes nicknamed the white splendor. 

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3. Astrantia

White Plants

The Astrantia, sometimes more commonly known as the masterwort or as Hattie’s pincishion, is a flowering plant that blooms between June and August. It is endemic to most parts of Europe, and to the Caucasus, and is often found in cottage homes and woodlands.

It is incredibly beautiful, with petals that flare outward, and small upward spikes grouping in the middle. When the light hits it just right, it looks like a magical gem! 

4. Clematis Cirrhosa

White Plants

The Clematis cirrhosa is a unique-looking flower plant, creamy white in color, with freckles. It blooms during the winter, making it a great source of food for insect pollinators, especially bumblebees.

It is pretty resistant to frost, although it doesn’t always survive the winter, and it tends to leave a trail of whiskery seedheads when blown in the wind. 

5. Daphne

White Plants

The Daphne, officially known as the Daphne pontica, is a beautiful flower plant that is ideal for small gardens, as it doesn’t take up a lot of space, but is very visually striking.

They are evergreen, easy to grow, and look especially good near pathways and doorways. But their main appeal is their fragrance, as the white flowers have a strong sweet scent. 

6. Dog’s Tooth Violets

White Plants

Dog’s tooth violets, officially known as the Erythroniums, are lily-shaped flower plants easily identified by their back-sweeping petals and their star petals.

They thrive in woodlands, as they do well in partial shade, and the name comes from them growing out of bulbs that look like dog teeth. They usually bloom during February, and they are very popular as cut flowers. 

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7. Gaura

White Plants

The Gaura, officially known as the Oenothera, is a beautiful flower plant known for its bushy appearance. Blooming from spring well into the fall, this flower is perfect for filling in gaps within your garden, and is known to always stand out thanks to its bright pinkish white color

8. Heather

White Plants

Heather, officially known as the Calluna vulgaris, is a winter flower plant that usually blooms between January and March, although it sometimes appears in November and lasts all through the winter!

These flowers look delicate, and are very pretty, but don’t be fooled! They can withstand snow, ice, and all sorts of wind and cold temperatures, making them incredibly hardy. 

9. Helleborus Niger

White Plants

The Helleborus niger, also popularly known as the Christmas rose, is an evergreen perennial flower plant that blooms all through the winter season, into early Spring.

Although it looks like a type of rose, it actually belongs to the buttercup family! It is incredibly popular during the Christmas season, especially for decorative purposes. But beware, because this flower is poisonous! 

10. Jasmine

White Plants

The Jasmine is one of the most popular and well-known plants, and it just so happens to bloom with beautiful white flowers.

There are many different varieties of the Jasmine plant, but all of them are characterized by giving off a sweet fragrance, often used in perfumes. They grow in clusters, and can look like a cloud of small white stars. 

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11. Lily Of The Valley

White Plants

The Lily of the valley, officially known as the Convallaria majalis, is a plant that blooms with bell-shaped white flowers that give off a strong sweet scent.

It is native to the Northern Hemisphere, thriving in temperate climates within Asia and Europe, but due to its fast growth it has started to be classed as invasive, especially in North America!

It is incredibly beautiful and delicate-looking, and is one of the most popular white plants, often used to symbolize purity and innocence. 

12. Nicotiana

White Plants

The Nicotiana plant is best known for being the tobacco plant, but did you know that it features beautiful white flowers?

They bloom during the evening and are trumpet-shaped, delicate-looking with a strong fragrance. They grow during the spring, and look very pretty. The main downside is that they sometimes attract slugs and snails. 

13. Oriental Lily

White Plants

The Oriental Lily is a variety of the lily flower plant, native to temperate regions of Asia, but found all around the world. It is known for its large trumpet-shape, and the strong fragrance it gives off. It looks great in gardens, and can be easily planted and grown. 

14. Phlox

White Plants

The Phlox is a popular flower plant that is often seen in gardens, and which always looks elegant and beautiful. It is native to North America, although one variety comes from Siberia, and they can bloom during the spring, summer, or fall.

They come in many colors, but the white one in particular is especially popular amongst people, and gives off a subtle fragrance. Oh and the best thing? These flowers are highly resistant to diseases and pests, and tend to live for very long!

15. Sarcococca

White Plants

Most popularly known as the Sweet Box, but officially known as the Sarcococca confusa, the Sarcococca is an evergreen shrub plant.

It grows long branches with green leaves, and blooms small delicate-looking white flowers that appear between December and March. They also have a strong sweet scent, which is where the nickname comes from! 

16. Snowdrops

White Plants

Snowdrops, officially known as the Galanthus nivalis, are the perfect touch of white for any garden. They are flowering plant, which blooms during the late winter, announcing the coming of spring.

They grow from bulbs and grow to hang facing downward and grow best when positioned in partial shade. They are great for attracting insects during the winter, and they also look amazing. 

17. Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s Seal

Solomon’s seal, officially known as the Polygonatum, is a white flowering plant that grows in pendulous stems, with flowers that hang from it, forming a sort of arch. They look very pretty in gardens, and are often associated with fairies and other nature creatures. 

18. Viburnum Tinus

Viburnum Tinus

The Viburnum Tinus is an evergreen shrub plant native to the Mediterranean regions of South Europe and North Africa.

Appearance-wise, it has dark and glossy leaves, with small star-shaped flowers that are a pinkish-white in color. These flowers bloom during the winter, and they are sweet in their fragrance.

19. White Roses

White Roses

Roses are one of the most popular flowers, grown in gardens and used in bouquet arrangements, making an appearance in most special occasions and events.

They come in many different colors, and white roses in particular are very visually striking. Some of the most common creamy white varieties of roses are the Claire Austin, the York Minster, the Iceberg, the Wedding Day, and the Felicite Perpetue, although there are many more! 

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20. White Swan

White Swan

The White Swan, officially known as the Echinacea purpurea, is a flowering plant very similar to the daisy.

It has dropping creamy white petals, and can be identified by the striking orange center that protrudes upward. It is well-loved by pollinating insects, and thrives under direct sunlight

21. Winter Beauty

Winter Beauty

The Winter Beauty, officially known as the Lonicera purpusii, is a flowering plant easy to grow in gardens, and common to find in the wild.

As the name suggests, it is a beautiful flower that blooms during the winter season, and it is incredibly appealing to pollinating insects.

Especially as it is one of the rare sources of nectar during the cold months! The color is a creamy white, and it also has a nice fragrance. 

Final Thoughts:

These are just some of our favorite white plants that bloom in a striking pure or creamy white, to give your garden that touch of magic and innocence. However, there are plenty of other white plants for you to discover, and the list truly goes on and on! 

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