21 Beautiful Types Of Yellow Plants (Including Photos)

Plants come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. If you are looking for a specific color scheme or aesthetic to decorate your garden.

21 Beautiful Types Of Yellow Plants (Including Photos)

And you want something vibrant that is going to stand out from the rest, we recommend getting some yellow flowers

Yellow plants, in particular, are beautiful and bright, and they also tend to make a garden look a lot more joyful and full of life! They can also attract more pollinators, to keep your garden healthy, and overall they’re just pretty to look at! 

If you want to look through some of the best yellow flowers and plants, browse through the list we have compiled. We have included some of the most popular, along with some of our personal favorites. Let’s get into it! 

1. Begonia

Begonia Yellow Plants

The Begonia, officially known as the Begonia obliqua, is a perennial herbaceous plant that blooms yellow flowers. It is one of the better-known types of begonia, and it looks really pretty in gardens, as well as in bouquet flower arrangements.

It has narrow long leaves, and can reach up to around 25 inches in height or so. The flower itself consists of swirled petals encased in bigger petals.

2. Bird Of Paradise

Bird of paradise Yellow Plants

The Bird of paradise, officially known as the Strelitzia, but also commonly known as the crane flower, is a perennial plant that blooms with a pale yellow and orange color. It is a unique kind of orchid flower, indigenous to South Africa.

The name comes from its appearance, as it resembles a yellow bird resting on a leaf, and it comes from a paradisiac land. It is very popular as a houseplant, as it’s very pretty to look at, and does well in temperate climates.

3. Black-eyed Susan

Black-eyed Susan

The Black-eyed Susan, officially known as the Rudbeckia, gets its name from the black protruding center that looks like…well, a black eye!

It is an annual flower with bright yellow petals, and it grows atop long stalks, making it stand out from any other surrounding plants. 

4. Carolina Yellow Jasmine

Carolina Yellow Jasmine

Also popularly known as the Jessamine, but officially known as the Gelsemium sempervirens, the Carolina Yellow Jasmine is a bright yellow flower that looks great in gardens.

It has between 3 and 9 petals (usually has 5), and is characterized by the green and red veins that it features. It is also a very common cut flower in bouquets. 

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5. Chrysanthemum

Chrysanthemum Yellow Plants

The Chrysanthemum, officially known as the Chrysanthemum morifolium, is one of the most well-known yellow flowers, and is commonly nicknamed as “the mum plant”.

They thrive in direct sunlight, and look amazing in gardens, although they are popular in all sorts of ornamental and decorative purposes, and also make for breathtaking bouquets. 

6. Coreopsis

Coreopsis Yellow Plants

The Coreopsis flower, sometimes also nicknamed the tickseed, is a unique yellow flower plant that is easy to identify due to its striking appearance.

It’s a small yellow flower, with a dark red center that contrasts with the rest of its color, and this makes it very appealing visually. It looks great in gardens, and isn’t too hard to grow. 

7. Craspedia

Craspedia Yellow Plants

Craspedia flowers, officially known as the Craspedia globosa, are super easy to identify thanks to their unique and striking appearance.

They essentially look like yellow fluffy balls on the end of thin long stems, and are a bright and vibrant yellow. They always stand out, and look good amongst other plants and flowers. 

8. Daffodil

Daffodil Yellow Plants

The Daffodil, officially known as the Narcissus, is perhaps the most famous of all yellow plants. Appearance-wise, it has a three-dimensional bloom of petals, of a bright and vibrant yellow. They don’t bloom for very long, but they are one of the first flowers to announce the arrival of spring.

They are also the official flower of Wales, in the United Kingdom, and they are named after an infamous character from Greek Mythology, Narcissus, who fell in love with himself…so they are definitely a sign of beauty! 

9. Daisy

Daisy (2)

Daisies, officially known as the Bellis perennis, are one of the best-known flowers. They come in different colors, but the yellow variety is especially vibrant and beautiful, and always stands out from its surroundings.

Most people have come across daisies, as they commonly grow in fields and meadows all around the world, as well as in people’s gardens. 

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10. Daylily


The Daylily, officially known as the Hemerocallis, is a perennial flower plant that is usually quite hard to spot, as it stays hidden within the foliage. That is, until it blooms, and then it becomes a vibrant and visible flower with eight petals, easy to spot.

As a general rule, it blooms once or twice a year, and it is well worth planting in your garden for the chance of seeing it properly! 

11. Dutch Hyacinth

The Dutch Hyacinth, officially known as the Hyacinthus orientalis, is a flower plant that blooms only once per year.

That said, it is very easy to grow and maintain, so once you plant it in your garden, you are practically guaranteed to enjoy it year after year. Appearance-wise, it grows as a cluster of pale-yellow flowers around the tip of the stem, forming a sort of tube shape of curved spikes. 

12. Freesia

Freesia (2)

The Freesia is a beautiful flower plant that is native to Africa, which blooms during the spring season. It’s delicate and elegant in its appearance, with swirled yellow petals, and it looks almost painted.

It’s very popular for ornamental purposes, but needs the right environment and climate to thrive. 

13. Goldenrod


The Goldenrod, officially known as the Solidago, is a North American flower plant. It can be found in the wild, as it is very common, and also grows in gardens really easily.

In fact, it barely requires any maintenance! It blooms with small clusters of the flower along the branched stems, and it is the official flower of the states of Nebraska and Kentucky. 

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14. Graham Thomas Rose

Graham Thomas Rose

Roses are one of the most popular flowers, associated with love, passion, and beauty. And the best part is that there are many varieties of roses that bloom in different colors.

The Graham Thomas Rose, for example, is a vibrant and beautiful pale yellow, which blooms from early spring to the beginning of winter. And as a yellow rose, it is particularly used to symbolize friendship and joy! 

15. Jungle Geranium

Jungle Geranium

The Jungle Geranium, officially known as the Ixora coccinea, is a plant made out of clusters of small yellow flowers, vibrant and easy to spot. It is native to Southern India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka, and it is also the national flower of Suriname.

Nowadays, it is one of the most popular flowers that can be seen in South Florida gardens, as it’s easy to grow, and looks good. 

16. Marigold

Marigold (2)

The Marigold, officially known as the Tagetes, is a flowering plant that is able to bloom all throughout the year, except for during the winter season. It looks good in any garden, and is very popular as a cut flower in bouquet arrangements.

Appearance-wise, it essentially looks like a white fluffy ball on top of dark green leaves, and is a yellow-orange vibrant color. It can grow up to around 48 inches in height too, so it always stands out! 

17. Primrose


The Primrose, officially known as the Primula vulgaris, is a beautiful and delicate-looking flower plant that blooms during March, although it is also known to bloom during December if it’s not too cold. The flower grows in clusters, with a 5-petal pattern, and is often associated with youth and love. 

18. Ranunculus

Ranunculus (2)

The Ranunculus is a beautiful flower plant that looks very similar to the rose, with the main difference being that it has thinner petals that hang lower down.

It can grow to have many different colors, all of them varying shades and tones of yellow, and looks amazing in any garden! 

19. Snapdragon


The Snapdragon, officially known as the Antirrhinum, has a cool name and a striking appearance. It is a low-growing plant, with petals that grow upwards and outwards, gaining volume.

It can grow pretty fast and ends up taking up quite a lot of space if left unchecked, so if you’re planning on having some in your garden you need to be prepared to apply the right maintenance! 

20. Sunflower

Sunflower (3)

We can’t really talk about yellow plants without mentioning the sunflower, officially known as the Helianthus. It has an iconic and unmistakable appearance, that almost everyone recognizes, and it is also one of the tallest-growing flowers, with some of them becoming truly monstrous in size.

Sunflowers, as the name suggests, are best known for their behavior in searching for the sun, as they always move to face the sunlight. And when there is no sunlight…they turn to face each other! 

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21. Yarrow


Yarrow, officially known as the Achillea, is a type of herb plant that is easily found in wild meadows and fields, as well as in gardens that are left to grow wild.

They are slender and tall, growing up to around 28 inches or so, and they form dome-shaped clusters of tiny yellow flowers at the top. 

Final Thoughts: 

There are many other yellow plants that we have not included in our list, because if we talked about all of them we’d never really end. After all, the world is full of all types of plants, and yellow is a popular color in nature!

That being said, we hope that you found the yellow plants we listed interesting, and that you learn to spot them in your everyday life!