16 Gorgeous Flowers That Start With G (Including Pictures)

Learning about flowers is an interesting hobby, and growing plants can have a wealth of benefits on your health. Being in touch with nature has been proven to elevate mood, improve concentration and even have a positive influence on the immune system. Furthermore, flowers brighten up the home and make the outside space look inviting and energizing. Learning about flowers will also make your time outdoors fascinating as you attempt to name different species you stumble across, and you can impress your friends with your knowledge. So, let’s look at some flowers that Start with the G

1. Gardenia


The beautiful Gardenia is a little shrub that is yellow or white. It grows to about 5-6 feet tall and produces intense fragrant blooms.

Gardenias dislike cold weather and should be grown in areas where winters aren’t extreme. Alternatively they can be grown in pots or containers and brought in for the winter. 

Gardenias bloom in the height of summer and thrive in warm and humid conditions. They are often used in brides or bridesmaid’s bouquets or placed in hair for a pretty natural look

2. Garden Balsam

Garden Balsam

This pretty wildflower is an annual plant and has 5 petals, typically in shades of white, purple, or pink. They generally grow to around 2 feet (0.61 m). They grow mostly in Southern California.

Some gardeners view this flower as a weed as it frequently takes over flower beds and can be a problem. 

If you aren’t of the opinion that this flower is a weed then Garden Balsam is the perfect addition to a wildflower garden to add some vibrant color. 

3. Garden Rock Cress

Garden Rock

This low growing perennial forms a large expanse of color from early spring right through to the fall. They produce beautiful and fragrant white flowers that look like a white carpet for an effective display. 

Garden rock cress likes to be placed in full sun or light shade with well drained soil and needs regular watering. You can grow this plant indoors or outdoors in the right conditions. 

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4. Geranium


Geraniums are known for their therapeutic properties. They are easy to grow, thriving both outdoors and inside. They can tolerate cold temperatures as low as freezing, so are a popular plant to grow in window boxes and containers. 

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Geraniums bloom from early spring until late Autumn and produce beautifully colorful flowers that smell glorious. If you provide them with enough light, they can thrive indoors throughout the year. 

5. Gerbera


Gerbera is a popular flower to grow amongst green fingered enthusiasts. It’s native to America and Asia but can be found extensively in other areas as it has been cultivated a lot. 

Gerberas are perennials with bright daisy type flowers that produce an exotic display throughout the summer months. They can thrive in borders and containers and make wonderful cut flowers to place in vases and give as gifts. 

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6. Gladiolus


Gladiolus are often referred to as ‘sword lilies’ as they have pointed and long leaves. They bloom during the summer months and produce a beautiful array of different colors. They look fantastic in containers and make great gift flowers

Gladiolus prefer moist, well-drained soil with full sun access. It’s best to dig up the corms over the winter and store indoors. 

7. Globe Amaranth

Globe Amaranth

The Globe Amaranth is an annual flower that is native to Mexico and Central America and is used for ornamental purposes. Typically, they will produce a lone flower that’s light pink or white, and they spread through seeds that the flower itself produces, meaning it is a self fertile plant. 

In the early days they have white fine hairs which as they grow turn into thick green stems. The Leaves are oval and bloom all the way from June to September. They are often used as dried flowers for long-lasting displays.

Globe Amaranth is easy to grow and thrive with full sun along with good drainage. They do well in most soils but are not alkaline. They also work well in containers. 

8. Globe Thistle

Globe Thistle

The globe thistle is part of the sunflower family and named such because of its round spherical shape. It’s a perennial that grows upright with wolley, hairy and gray spines.

The flowers are a grey-blue color and bloom from mid to late summer. Globe thistle looks very effective in borders and makes a great dried flower. 

9. Golden Dew Drop

Golden Dew Drop

The gorgeous blooming golden dewdrop is a pretty flowering tropical shrub that is typically grown as an annual. During the summer, it produces a glorious  spectacle of white or blue flowers, in fact in tropical areas golden dew drops bloom all year round.  

The flowers  get their  name from the fruit they produce. The yellow, golden  berries hang from the stems beautifully. 

10. Grape Hyacinth

Flowers That Start With G

Grape Hyacinth plants are typically  used as ground cover and produce lovely purple blooms. They are also available in white, blue, and yellow.

The plant favors well-drained soil. They work well in a border, or you will find them growing at the edge of woodland.  If growing them outside in a garden, be sure to keep them under control as they spread quickly and can take over other plants. 

The grape hyacinth can be grown indoors but will need to be placed near a  window and must be watered regularly to counteract house humidity. 

The plant shouldn’t be moved too much,  as  it takes a few years for them to develop large clusters that  produce big blooms.

11. Great Periwinkle

Flowers That Start With G

This stunning blue flowering plant makes a great ground cover and is a native plant in the Northern Hemisphere. The name comes from the shape of the flower, which looks like a huge tube of blooms. 

The plant produces lavender-colored blooms and has distinctive white streaks and dots on the inside.

The flowers are around a quarter inch wide with 5 erect lobes that point outwards at the top and have 3 spreading lips at the bottom. They are easy to grow but require consistent maintenance to prevent them from overtaking the garden. 

12. Green Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus

Flowers That Start With G

The Green Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus (Echinocereus viridiflorus) is a cactus native to North America and typically found in desert areas.  It has huge, gorgeous purple flowers and thrives in warm weather. It needs lots  of sun and shelter from inclement weather. 

In the summer months, especially when it’s really hot outside, you will need to water your Green Strawberry Hedgehog Cactus every week for effective growth. As with most hedgehog cacti, they produce edible fruit and the flowers open up between February and May.

13. Gumamela

Flowers That Start With G

The Gumamela, also referred to as the hibiscus, is a tropical flower that contains broad leaves with five petals. They can be pink, red, peach, purple, or white depending on the species of the plant.

They are known as a fast-growing evergreen shrub and can measure up to 4.2 inches (ca. 11 cm) long. Furthermore, they have a spiral type pattern along with a tall stalk. 

Gumemelas’s are typically grown as ornamental plants, and often the flowers and leaves are used for medicinal purposes. They have a super long life and some have been known to exist for more than 50 years. 

14. Gypsophila

Flowers That Start With G

This beautiful white plant is typically used as an additional flower in bride’s bouquets or other floral arrangements.

One variety also comes in pink. They generally grow two feet high. The stems grow into lots of branches and create a beautiful blanket that looks stunning intermingled with other colors and plants in the garden. 

Gypsophila isn’t winter hardy and should be planted at the right time when there is no risk of frost. You can start them off indoors, but be careful when transplanting them as they are very sensitive to movement.

Soil should be kept around 70 degrees for best results. They also need good drainage with acidic soil. 

15. Grevillea

Flowers That Start With G

Grevilleas are small trees or evergreen shrubs with leaves that spiral around and are approximately 34 cm long.

They are mostly grouped in 3-30 and produce flowers that are a deep rose color. They bloom from late winter to summer, so are perfect if you prefer growing plants with a long flowering period. 

Grevilleas are mainly grown outdoors in well-drained soil that is neutral or acidic. They should be pruned regularly and are ideal for city, courtyard or coastal gardens. 

16. Godetia

Flowers That Start With G

Godetia is part of the evening primrose family and is also related to fuchsias; it’s native to North America. 

It’s a popular choice for hanging baskets and is an annual that flowers from spring to early summer. It doesn’t like hot and humid conditions, so is known as a ‘goodbye to spring’ flower.  

When planted outside, it can grow up to 2.5 feet (0.76 m) tall and thrive in full or partial sun. The flowers are available in pink, red, salmon, lavender or white.

The flowers consist of four petals in a scoop shape and the leaves are sword shaped, and they also come in different sizes When growing Godetia, it’s important soil has good drainage and makes sure it is well watered before flowering time.

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