The Best June Birth Flowers (With Pictures)

Each month has certain birth flowers associated with it. All of these birth flowers have special meanings and symbolize different moments and aspects of life as well as death. Like most months, June has two official birth flowers – the rose and the honeysuckle.

June Birth Flowers

Both of these flowers are unique but hold a great deal of meaning and symbolism.

In the northern hemisphere, June marks the beginning of summer on the 21st. Known as the summer solstice, this is also the longest day of the year in these regions of the world.

With longer days come more opportunities to see the many beautiful flowers on show during this time of the year. 

In today’s blog, we will be guiding you through the meanings and symbolism attached to June’s birth flowers. Understanding each month’s birth flowers will make it easier for you when giving flowers to someone you cherish on special occasions. 

What Are The Birth Flowers Of June? 

June is a favorite month of many. Because of its warmer temperatures during its long summer days result in one of the best months of the year.

Ask many people born in the winter and they will be pretty envious of anyone born in the months of June, July, or August.

As for June’s birth flowers, these are:

  • The rose
  • The honeysuckle

Of all the months, June’s birth flowers are among the most fragrant. With different meanings and connotations attached to both, these are truly special flowers for a truly special month. 

1. Rose 

If your birthday is in June, then you are lucky enough to have one of the most popular flowers of all time as your birth flower.

June Birth Flowers

One reason why roses have remained so popular for centuries is because of the wide array of colors available.

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This has led to the flower becoming one of the most common gifts to give people on various occasions from anniversaries to birthdays.

Regularly referred to as ‘The Queen of Flowers,’ there’s not much to dislike about roses. Whether they are growing on a bush or cut for bouquets, roses always look elegant and supremely beautiful.

Whether you’re in the wilds of Asia or the hills of Scotland, roses are popular throughout the world.

Sold in mass every year, they are so popular that fake roses are in place of the real deal. Some of these look so real, you would find it hard to tell the difference. 

If you think that roses are relatively new, you would need to think again. The history behind roses dates back a long, long way.

There is actually fossil evidence that suggests roses are at least 35 million years old. Yep, a little older than most of us would have thought.

Cultivated over the centuries, this flowering perennial as a genus has approximately 150 species around the world.

And, don’t think cultivating roses is relatively new either. The first signs of this flower’s cultivation date back to around 5,000 years in China, Japan, and Central Asia. 

Derived from the Latin word ‘rosa’, used to reference the flower itself. 

There are many tales and legends about this flower’s long history. In Greek mythology’s belief, the tears of the Goddess of Love, Aphrodite, and the blood of Adonis created these flowers.

In Ancient Egypt, Cleopatra used roses in public appearances so people would associate their heavenly scents with her.

Legend believed she even filled her bed with rose petals on her wedding night, recreated by loving couples many times since. 

Rose Meaning And Symbolism 

Think of any special occasion and a rose is usually apt. Roses often given as gifts, whether it’s a birthday, a mother’s day, or, of course, a Valentine’s day.

June Birth Flowers

They are perhaps most associated with love and Valentine’s Day hence being considered the ‘Flower of Love.’

As well as symbolizing love, June’s birth flower holds a multitude of meanings. For instance, when cut into bouquets, roses are said to convey many meanings based on their colors.

Red roses symbolize love which is why they are so popular on Valentine’s Day.

Yellow roses represent friendship and trust. Therefore, giving someone a bouquet of yellow roses lets them know that you deeply admire and appreciate them as part of your life but not in a romantic way. 

Pink roses are associated with gratitude, admiration, appreciation, and happiness. 

Orange roses tend to represent a sense of enthusiasm, desire, and boldness making them great flowers to give someone who is starting a new phase in their life such as a new job. 

As for white roses, these symbolize purity, humility, innocence, and the excitement of new beginnings. 

As well as having these meanings, the bloom of roses is also considered to be the official flower for 15th wedding anniversaries. Moreover, the rose is the national floral emblem of the U.S.

2. Honeysuckle 

The second birth flower of June is the honeysuckle. Although this flower has not gathered as much acclaim throughout the world, it carries just as much meaning and its scent is just as captivating. 

June Birth Flowers

Honeysuckle is often used for bouquets of cut flowers and can be the perfect finishing touch for floral displays. 

There are many colors to choose from when picking honeysuckle for an occasion. These include pink, yellow, and red.

But, perhaps the most popular color of honeysuckle is pure white. During summertime weddings, you will often see white honeysuckle draped over areas with impressive floral arrangements.

As well as being beautiful to look at, honeysuckle is also renowned for its wonderful fragrance. Because of this, these flowers act as great pollinators and attract vast swarms of butterflies and flocks of hummingbirds. 

Honeysuckle Meanings And Symbolism 

Honeysuckle holds many symbolic meanings with one being a sense of sweetness. This is mainly due to its extremely fragrant nectar.

June Birth Flowers

As well as this, honeysuckle is also considered a symbol of maternal energy and caring for one another. 

It’s no surprise that this flower symbolizes happiness and eternal love. As soon as you see it and experience its fragrance, you are taken into a blissful serenity that only nature can lift you to.

As a representation of both happiness and eternal love, honeysuckle is often used on wedding bouquets and wedding decor.

The way honeysuckle is florally arranged is a little different from roses, however. Honeysuckle tends to grow smaller flowers. Therefore, these are grouped together or hung in bunches for the best effect possible. 

In Summary 

Roses and honeysuckle are the two official birth flowers of June. Both have deep and special meanings that are perfect for many special occasions such as weddings, anniversaries, and birthdays.

And, they are the perfect way to convey a message to someone you cherish in your life. 

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