15 Beautiful Mint Green Flowers (With Pictures)

Flowers of this color are not often found in casual gardens or florists; before doing the research for this article, we did not even know of any flowers that were naturally minty green in color!

We are glad we did the research though because we discovered some of the prettiest flowers that resemble a nice cool cone of mint choc chip ice cream.

Mint Green Flowers

Just like the minty dessert soothes your tastebuds, the light green tones of these flowers refresh and revitalize any outdoor greenery!

Similarly, they can bring a bouquet to the next level, and complement any other hues of flowers perfectly.

Although there are some naturally minty-green-colored flowers out there, the majority of them are artificially colored.

So, we have included our favorite naturally mint green flowers, some beautiful green flowers that are near to mint green in color, as well as some artificially mint green colored ones, to make sure that you have a clear idea of how mint the flower market is!

Take a look below at a list of our favorite mint green flowers, and find the next addition to your garden!

1. Green Carnation

Green Carnation

This color of this delicate flower transforms one of the world’s most popular flowers into a flower even more uplifting and beautiful. Multiple layers of thin petals ruffle and bunch up, to create a dainty appearance which is accentuated by the gentle pale hues of mint green.

We have no idea why this shade of carnation is not widely used, because it is now our favorite type of carnation! It is elegant, calming, and will undoubtedly complement hundreds of other flower colors.

2. Green Rose

Mint Green Rose

This flower is most popular bought in shades of crimson and pink, most commonly because of the flower’s connotations of love and romance. But who said green roses can’t be just as romantic?

The soft and light shades of the green rose transform its famous shape into something even more delicate and precious than that of the red rose; the green somehow uplifts the flower and makes its petals appear even thinner and classier than the red does.

Why not add in a few mint green flowers to your next red rose bouquet? The symbolism of the green, representing hope and positivity, is a perfect partner to the red rose’s connotation of love and passion.

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3. Green Hellebore

Green Hellebore

This next flower is often referred to as the Christmas Rose, as it is often used to adorn rooms and churches during the holiday season. The rounded petals of this flower grow in one row, and tightly combine to form a bowl-like shape around its white center.

The mint green color of these petals combines beautifully with the white stamens to create an overall refreshing and clean appearance. One thing to consider when buying these pretty flowers, though, is that they can be poisonous.

Because of this, we advise you to let professional florists arrange any bouquet that includes these small but mighty blossoms!

4. Lady’s Slipper Orchid

Lady’s Slipper Orchid

This species of flower is unfortunately now endangered, so they are pretty hard to come across, and quite expensive when you do! They are worth the effort, in our opinion, because of their unique shape and patterns.

The flower was named after the shape of its two leafy petals, one of which curls up and takes a shape similar to a slipper! The colors of this flower are fresh and exciting; mint greens are joined by darker emerald hues, and topped off with splashes of pure white.

Our favorite thing about this plant is that the upper petal is white and brushed with clear lines of dark green, making it look stripy and dramatic.

5. Cockscomb

Mint Green Cockscomb

Next up is a flower whose petals are like no other flower’s. Layers of light green, thick, velvety-looking petals twist around the flower and each other, to create the appearance of spires on each flower head.

The colors within these petals, combined with their shape, would make these an amazing addition to any bouquet, or even to any garden! Much of the green is minty, but there are warmer shades of light green, too.

6. Green Gladiolus

Green Gladiolus

This flower not only looks the part, but also has a beautifully sweet fragrance to match. Light green petals grow to create trumpet-like shapes, which face up and out to greet their admirers. The petals look soft and delicate, and are ruffled at the edges.

We are not surprised that these beautiful plants are often used in wedding bouquets and table decorations – they would complement pretty much any other flower type!

7. Bells Of Ireland

Green Bells Of Ireland

This next flower is actually a member of the mint plant family, and its color makes that clear. Its name is derived from the shape of each little flower, each of which appears to consist of one single petal, wrapped around the center of the flower, which grows into the shape of a bell.

These flowers are so cute, and their mint color and white stamens make them the perfect revitalizing feature of any floral arrangement.

What’s even better about these flowers is that they carry a bit of Irish luck with them, and are said to bring you good fortune! We’ll be ordering some of these, I think…

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8. Green Baby’s Breath

Green Baby’s Breath

The lighter-toned versions of this species have an undeniably minty hue, which is both excitingly fresh and soothing. These flowers are so small and cute, making them a perfect delicate feature of any wedding bouquet or centerpiece.

Each flowerhead holds about twelve petals, which look almost blue in hue. The stems are long and slender and mint green. Most florists would recommend that these be paired with other green flowers, like green carnations and green hydrangeas.

9. Craspedia

mint green flowers

These flowers are unusual, but undoubtedly attractive. They do not share the same petal-like structure as most other flowers, but instead have ball-shaped heads that have soft spikes coming out of them.

They are nicknamed the Drumstick Flower, so that should give you a better idea of what they look like! They may not be the most dainty flower on the market, but they add a unique touch to a bouquet, or provide a great green contrast to delicate flower arrangements.

10. Green Cymbidium Orchid Clear Lip

mint green flowers

The petals of this flower are not exactly mint green in color, but close enough for us! The shades of green are light and equally as refreshing as mint green, with their tinges of white that give them a clean look.

This orchid has five of these pale petals, and there is a white center with very pale yellow stamens. The three shades of this flower combine to give an effortlessly elegant look, and make these flowers perfect for wedding bouquets.

11. Lime Green Hydrangea

mint green flowers

As you can tell from the name of this flower, the shade of green that this flower has is slightly more lime green than mint. However, in many of the flowers, there are hints of mint green that shine through, and make this plant a worthy candidate for anyone looking for an uplifting green flower.

Each flower head consists of innumerous little petals, which make it look full and attractive. The petals are rounded and soft, which means that the hydrangea could provide the ideal contrast to more sharply-shaped flowers.

The colors of this flower can be paired with white flowers, like white roses, to create a pure color scheme that radiates life and energy.

12. Rice Flower Tinted Green

mint green flowers

Our first unnaturally-minty flower on the list is this unique rice flower. In its shape, it sort of resembles a tall and slender broccoli plant, but with softer flowers.

We chose this artificially-colored flower for our list because we think it would go so beautifully in both bouquets and other floral arrangements, and because the mint green suits the flower so well that it does not look artificial.

Choose this flower if you want to add some zingy energy to a white bouquet.

13. Preserved Mint Roses

mint green flowers

We love the naturally minty green rose, so we thought we would add a similar alternative, that has been artificially colored to look even more minty and fresh.

These roses have been preserved, which means that they will last pretty much forever, so that you can enjoy a fresh-looking bouquet or floral arrangement ‘til the end of time!

If the green rose is not the right shade of mint for you, consider using an artificial mint rose for your special occasion.

We think this would be perfect for a wedding centerpiece or table ornamentation, because you could keep the arrangement from your special day and look back on it every day, and it would never look more than a day old!

14. Preserved Mint Green Chrysanthemums

mint green flowers

These spindly flowers remind us of deep sea anemones. Otherwise known as Anastasia Heads, these flowers feature long delicate petals that climb away from the center, just like the long tentacles of vibrant anemones.

Just like the preserved mint roses, these flowers can be kept for a lifetime, so are perfect for special occasions that you want to remember forever.

We think that the light mint green dye is the perfect shade for these flowers, as it makes their thin petals look even more delicate, and makes the flower look fresh and pure.

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15. Seafoam Orchid Flowers

Seafoam Orchid Flowers

Last, but certainly not least, on our list is the stunning Seafoam Orchid. In fact, this might just be our favorite minty flower of the bunch. These orchids are primarily white, but have been dyed to have mint green veins across each petal.

The result of this pattern is that each petal looks a little like sea foam – hence the name. The delicate detailing on this flower makes them a perfect addition to a wedding bouquet, as they are subtle and still have the pure white tones that make a wedding bouquet shine.

The six petals of this flower are delicate and ruffled at the edges, which make them look a little like wedding dress material, themselves! The best thing about this artificially-colored flower is that it looks natural and subtle. We just love this flower.

Final Thoughts

As you can see from this list, there are so many minty wonders of the plant world that can transform any bouquet into a handful of freshness and life. While there are not many naturally occurring mint-colored flowers, the ones that do exist are extraordinarily beautiful.

Even for those of you who prefer all-natural flowers, you cannot deny that some of the artificially-colored flowers on this list are just as stunning as their natural counterparts.

One of our favorites from this list ended up being the colored Seafoam orchid, and that flower looks just as natural and delicate as the naturally minty green carnation!

We hope that there is something on this list for everyone, and that you have found the next potential addition to your garden or special occasion bouquet! We have personally made mental notes of some of these flowers for when we are designing our own wedding bouquets!