28 Stunning Copper Flowers (Including Pictures)

Copper Flowers

Copper as a color is the color of the metal copper. The color of copper is an orange-red, that becomes more reddish with exposure to air. There is also a brownish hue to copper. There are a number of shades of copper, accentuating one or other of the composite hues.

There aren’t many naturally copper-colored flowers but we’ll have a look at a few examples. There is also the option to burnish flowers in copper.

1. Copper Iris (Iris Fulva)

Copper Iris (Iris fulva)

Irises grow from rhizomes. They produce blade-like leaves. The Copper Iris produces flowers of a coppery orange or reddish-brown hue. Each flower has three petal-like sepals that either spread wide or arch downwards.

There are also three petals that are narrower than the sepals. The sepals and the petals are all copper colored. The sepals are usually a lighter yellow near the base and they don’t have hairs at the base.

2. Copper Cushion Flower

Copper Cushion Flower

These lovely fall flowers have long-lasting hardiness and versatility. They look gorgeous in a garden and also, due to their resilience and strength, are great in corsages, bouquets and flower arrangements.

3. Copper Thistle

Copper Thistle

Hailing from Ecuador, this Copper Thistle is rather special. It has distinctive spiny snowflake-shaped blooms with a cone center.

4. Brown Sugar Dahlia

Brown Sugar Dahlia

A cultivar of the Pompom, or Ball Dahlia, this richly-coloured flower has rounded, fully double, blooms. The petals are partly incurved.

The color is a bright coppery orange, which darkens to a rich copper red with brown hues towards the center. A truly stunning addition to the garden or a floral arrangement. It’s ideal for beds and borders.

5. Rusty Orange Butterfly Ranunculus

Copper Flowers

This beautiful Butterfly Ranunculus makes you think of butterfly wings, hence its name. The blooms are light, with petals like parchment. Everything about this delightful bloom is delicate and ephemeral. They cannot help but make you feel dreamy.

The blooms have a natural wax coating that gives them a glow and helps them to stay looking beautiful for longer. Truly a divine plant!

6. Burnt Amber Calla Lily

Burnt Amber Calla Lily

Calla Lilies are known as representing the ‘magnificence of beauty’ and this Burnt Amber Calla Lily certainly lives up to the reputation. It is simply gorgeous in its sophisticated design and colors. Look at those rich hues and how they blend so well!

7. Saffron Hydrangea

Saffron Hydrangea

Although saffron in name, rather than copper, there’s definitely a copper tint to this bloom. It would certainly look good with other copper hued blooms.

The photos show the blooms for just one stem so you can see this a bountiful and exuberant plant. It  would grace any garden with glory! The rich color looks amazing in darker spaces.

8. Ornamental Pepper

Ornamental Pepper

Although these plants don’t produce flowers, they do produce peppers in various colors, some of which have the distinctive copper glow.

Rich tones of red, orange, yellow, purple, lavender, and white can all arrive on the same plant, making this a rather fascinating plant. The reason for this array of colors is actually because the fruits change color as they ripen.

Small pepper varieties are especially well suited to growing in container gardens and edging the front of the border. Taller varieties work well in mixed containers and in the middle of borders. Some varieties also have variegated foliage.

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9. Copper Beech

These splendid copper colored leaves really bring in the outdoors. The rusty bronze hues work well in flower arrangements.

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10. Gaillardia Pulchella Sundance

Gaillardia Pulchella Sundance

A dwarf, bushy annual Gaillardia is a fulsome plant that bears a mass of double powder-puff shaped blooms in sumptuous shades of mahogany-red and orange. Gaillardia Sundance is hardy and will add some real wow factor to the garden. Use in borders and beds, hanging baskets and for patio planting.

11. Rudbeckia Enchanted Embers

Rudbeckia Enchanted Embers

A Coneflower that really is enchanting. Rudbeckia Enchanted Embers has warm, burnt orange shades of semi-double flowers. The shades deepen as the blooms mature. It’s a well-branched plant that is fantastic in patio pots.

The nectar-rich blooms attract lots of pollinating insects. It adds something special to both modern gardens and traditional cottage gardens and grows well in beds and borders.

12. Hot Chocolate Bush Rose

Hot Chocolate Bush Rose

One look at the beautiful hue of this rose and you just know you have to have it! The color is divine and would grace any surroundings with a warm and pleasant glow.

13. Copper Rose Sculpture

Copper Rose Sculpture

If you want to make yourself a copper rose have a look at the set of instructions here and make the lovely copper rose pictured.

14. Brown Calla Lily

Although this is called the Brown Calla Lilly the bloom, in all its perfection, certainly has something of the copper about it. Calla Lilies are simply divine and this beauty is definitely going to get attention!

15. Copper Bronze Spider Mum

Copper Bronze Spider Mum

 Like a burst of copper flames, this stunning Copper Bronze Spider Mum, or Chrysanthemum, is a lovely shade of coppery orange. The blooms are full and add depth and texture to any floral arrangement. A garden full of these delightful blooms would be a sight to behold!

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16. Copper Beauty Cymbidium Orchid

Copper Beauty Cymbidium Orchid

Copper Beauty Cymbidium Orchids have creamy copper petals and a dark burgundy spotted lip. These sumptuous blooms are said to symbolize beauty and love. Well, they certainly are beautiful and you’re going to love them! They would be perfect in a garden or in a floral display. 

17. Ginger Swirl Iris

This is a tall, bearded, Iris in a simply divine hue. The ruffled edges of the petals and sepals and the coloring, as well as the absolutely gorgeous design of the Iris blossom, make this a scintillating plant to own!

18. Austrian Copper Rose

Austrian Copper Rose

This is an upright, open rose shrub. The stems are arching and brownish-green in color, with pale green leaves. First, red hips appear and then the flowers. The flowers are single, cupped flowers in a nasturtium-orange shade. The petals are yellow on the reverse side. It is also called Rose Capucine.

19. Cornish Copper Crocosmia

Cornish Copper Crocosmia

With delicate, ornate petals and long protruding stamens, this wonderful blossom will catch the eye. Its superb warm coppery tones are a delight.

20. Little Princess Dwarf Tulip

Little Princess Dwarf Tulip

With brilliant copper-orange flowers, this little showstopper is a great addition to the garden. It’s a dwarf rock garden tulip. The centre of each flower is deep yellow with darker markings at the base, together with black anthers.

21. Copper Lights Rose

Copper Lights Rose

This rose has stunning mid-sized blooms of copper-orange/pink flowers on lightly thorned, upright stems. The foliage is a deep purple, so the color accents are brilliant. It’s a New Zealand variety of roses.

22. Honeysuckle Lonicera Copper Beauty (Lonicera henryi)

The Copper Beauty Honeysuckle stands out. It also exudes a magnificent fragrance. The yellow-orange flowers and the delightful scent attract bees and butterflies. You can guide the plant along a trellis or arbor.

23. Erysium Spring Breeze Copper

23. Erysium Spring Breeze Copper

Spring Breeze Copper is a perennial wallflower. The pretty copper-orange flowers are scented, and attract bees and butterflies. The foliage is evergreen with narrow grey-green leaves.

24. Tillandsia Crocata Penny Orange

Tillandsia Crocata Penny Orange

Hailing from Brazil, the Tillandsia crocata has a beautiful fragrance.  The flowers are usually yellow, but this variety has coppery orange flowers. The plant has narrow, long leaves.

25. Dwarf Turk’s Cap Cactus

Dwarf Turk’s Cap Cactus

The Turk’s Head cactus can be identified by the cephalium that protrudes from the top. The copper coloring of the ‘cap’ is why this fascinating plant is included.

The cephalium has a bristly collection of aureoles. It’s designed to produce flowers and fruit and forms little pink flowers inside the mass of aureoles. The waxy fruits are tubular.

26. Amelia’s Kaleidoscope Begonia

Amelia’s Kaleidoscope Begonia

The Ameilia’s Kaleidoscope Begonia has a kaleidoscopic form of coppery- bronze juvenile leaves that become chartreuse-lime as they mature. There’s a netting pattern to the leaves. The colors are richer and deeper in the summertime. Pink flowers erupt in winter.

27. Caladium Desert Sunset

Caladium Desert Sunset

This plant has luscious shades of salmon, crimson, and berry. Intricate copper veins are what really make this plant stand out as something special.

28. Copper Leaf Ammania

Copper Leaf Ammania

Part of the Lythraceae family of plants, this plant comes from tropical and subtropical Africa. It’s a mud plant with a thick stem that grows horizontally on top of the mud. The plant leaves are lance-shaped and pale green on the upper side. The underside is darker. This is an aquarium plant.


Copper is a gloriously nuanced and warm color. There are flowers out there that have this wonderful shading to them. Such coppery hues add glamor and glitz in a warm and mellow way to any garden or floral arrangement.

Of course, there are also many flowers crafted from copper should you desire more long-lasting copper floral renditions. The naturally copper flowers we’ve seen would undoubtedly burnish a garden in a coppery sheen of joy!

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