25 Beautiful Flowers That Start With N (With Pictures)

A full list of flowers that start with N.

Is there a flower beginning with N that you can’t seem to remember? Or are you just looking to expand your knowledge of flowers in general?

Whichever it is, we have gone ahead and compiled a complete list of flowers that begin with N for you to browse through and bookmark for later use.

There are around 280,000 flowering plants in the world and 437 flowering plant families. Not many of these flowers start with N, but there are a few that are worth knowing!

From Narcissus to Nymphoides, our list of flowers starting with N is the most complete list you will find – organized into alphabetical order for added convenience.

So, without further ado, here are 25 Flowers That Start with the Letter N.

1. Narcissus

Narcissus – or, as you might better know it, daffodil – are flowering plants of the Amaryllidaceae family. It is also sometimes called jonquil.


Narcissus, or daffodils, are famous around the world, recognizable by their trumpet-shaped flower heads and yellow or white petals. They are native to northern Europe but can grow around the world.

2. Narrow-Leaf Coneflower

Coneflowers are popular flowers around the world, distinguishable by their unique-looking flower heads that are shaped like shuttlecocks.

Narrow-Leaf Coneflower

The narrow-leaf coneflower, also called blacksamson echinacea and echinacea angustifolia, is one of the unique variants of coneflower with, as suggested by its name, narrower leaves.

3. Narrowleaf Angelon

Angelonia angustifolia, or narrowleaf angelon, is a perennial flowering plant that has an upright stem and rounded, pinkish purple petals.

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Narrowleaf Angelon

Narrowleaf angelons are part of the Angelonia family, native to countries with hotter, dryer climates (including Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina). Just like the echinacea angustifolia, angelonia angustifolia has narrow leaves.

4. Nasturtium

Tropaeolum, better known as nasturtium, has around 80 species. Nasturtium are annual and perennial flowering plants, with edible leaves that are known to have herbaceous properties.


In appearance, nasturtiums have poppy-shaped petals, which can bloom in pink, red, purple, orange, and yellow. They are native to South and Central America.

5. Nelumbo Nucifera

Nelumbo nucifera is a species of lotus, with a beautiful pink and white flower head with a yellow center.

Nelumbo Nucifera

It is also known as Indian lotus and sacred lotus, and for this reason it is a special flower among Buddhists and Hindus, as well as the national flower of India. Nelumbo nucifera is part of the Nelumbonaceae family, despite being mistaken as a water lily.

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6. Nemesia

Nemesia are annual and perennial flowering plants that can bloom in a variety of colors, including pink, yellow, orange, purple, and red. It is native to South Africa, flowering through late spring and fall. Nemesia are also known as sunsatia banana and are part of the Scrophulariaceae (figwort) family.


7. Nemophila

Nemophila are better known by their nickname “baby blue eyes” (or “baby’s blue eyes”), by which many species of nemophila are named. The name is taken from the bright, baby blue color of this flower, which often populates fields in the western United States, blooming from summer to winter. Nemophila has five round petals, appearing like a rounded star.

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8. Neomarica

Neomarica are white and purple flowering plants native to South and Central America. Part of the Iridaceae family, neomarica – also sometimes called walking iris – are perennials that have a unique, eye-catching appearance, with many varieties such as neomarica caerulea, neomarica northiana, neomarica gracilis, and neomarica longifolia.


9. Nepeta

Nepeta, also known as catnips and cat mint, consist of around 250 species native to Europe, Africa, and Asia. This flower bloom from late spring to late summer, with a similar appearance to lavender. These are upright flowering plants that are a soft purple in color, able to grow up to three feet tall and four feet wide.


10. Nerine

Nerine, of the Amaryllidaceae family, are perennial flowering plants that have similar petals to lilies. They bloom in white, pink, and red, native to Southern Africa.


Nerine, which are also sometimes called Guernsey lily, spider lily, and Jersey lily, are attractive, sought-after flowers among gardeners and botanists, despite being shy to grow.

11. Nerium

Nerium, also known as oleander, or even nerium oleander, is a small shrub that can grow light pink and dark flowers (as well as white flowers). Native to the Mediterranean region, nerium oleanders bloom from early summer to mid-autumn, sometimes growing up to six meters in height.


12. Nettle-Leaved Bellflower

Campanula trachelium, or more commonly nettle-leaved bellflower, are part of the bellflower (campanula) family native to Europe – specifically Denmark and England.

Nettle-Leaved Bellflower

It blooms in June and July, distinguishable by its upright stem and closed star-shaped purple flower heads, which predominantly flower lilac and purple petals.

13. Nettle-Leaved Mullein

Verbascum chixii, better known as the nettle-leaved mullein, is a tall, upright flowering plant that can grow white, yellow, and pinkish flowers.

Nettle-Leaved Mullein

It is a unique-looking plant due to how its flowers can bloom all along the stem, native to European countries such as Spain, France, and Italy. Verbascum, in general, can be annual, biennial, or perennial flowers.

14. New Guinea Impatiens

New Guinea impatiens are bright pink, purple, orange, or red in color, part of the Balsaminaceaea family.

New Guinea Impatiens

As can be told by the name, it is native to Papua New Guinea (and the Solomon Islands), blooming through spring and summer as long-lasting annuals. The flowers bloom on an attractive bed of green leaves, making them popular garden plants.

15. New York Ironweed

Vernonia noveboracensis, more commonly called New York ironweed, is part of the Asteraceae family of daisies, despite its common name.

New York Ironweed

New York ironweed is native to the United States, having a spiky cluster of pink or purple flowers petals, blooming late in the summer, typically during the month of August.

16. Nicotiana

Nicotiana, native to America, Australia, and Africa, and the South Pacific, are annual plants and shrubs that can grow white, pink, and red flowers.


These are part of the Solanaceae family, with various nicotiana species (there are close to 70 in total) being tobacco plants (such as nicotiana tabacum) – as told by its name. 

17. Nierembergia

Nierembergia, better known as cupflower, are flowering plants of the Nightshade family. These are white, purple, and blue annual flowers with many variants, including nierembergia repens, nierembergia hippomanica, nierembergia scoparia, and nierembergia caerulea, to name a few. Nierembergia are native to Argentina.


18. Nigella

Nigella (nigella damascena) is better known by its common name love in a mist, native to North Africa, Southwest Asia, and southern Europe. It blooms annually in the spring and summer months, having colors of white, pink, purple, and blue.


Nigellas belong to the Ranunculaceae family, distinguishable by their jagged rosette flower heads.

19. Night Phlox

Zaluzianskya ovata, or its more common name night phlox, is a Southern African perennial with a unique petal shape. The flowers of night phlox are small, having colors of white and dark pink with a yellow center, blooming in the spring. Night phlox flowers are also appreciated for their sweet scent, released at night.

Night Phlox

20. Nightshade

Nightshade is a broad family of flowering plants, annual and perennial, found around the world. There are many different types of nightshade, including shrubs, trees, tobacco plants, and vegetable plants. Nightshade also go by the botanical name Solanaceae. Nightshade flowers can have purple, pink, or white blooms.


21. Nodding Wakerobin

Trillium flexipes, or nodding wakerobin as it is more widely known, is a flowering plant of the Melanthiaceae family, native to the United States. Nobbing wakerobin has a recognizable three-petal appearance, typically white (sometimes white with light pinkish hue) in color. It is a perennial blooming in early spring.

Nodding Wakerobin

22. Nolana

Nolana are perennial flowering plants part of the Nightshade family. Typically, nolana have purple or blue petals with a yellow center, blooming annually during the summer months. There are many different variants of nolana, some having more trumpet-shaped flower heads than others. 


23. Nomocharis

Nomocharis are native to Myanmar, India, and China, part of the Liliaceae family. These flowering plants have speckled flower heads with either white, pink, or lilac petals. Nomocharis have seven species in total, blooming in the middle of summer, sometimes early summer.


24. Nymphea

Nymphea, part of the Nymphaeaceae family, are more commonly known as water lilies (in the United Kingdom). These attractive flowering plants have long, pointed petals that can bloom in various shades of pink, as well as white – and sometimes red – with a yellow center. They are also referred to as lotuses. 


25. Nymphoides

Nymphoides, like nymphea, are aquatic flowering plants that float on water, but with notably smaller flower heads. Native to East Asia and the Mediterranean, nymphoides can have white or yellow flowers, with popular varieties including nymphoides indica, nymphoides peltata, and nymphoides hydrophylla.



And there you have it: 25 flowers that begin with the letter N. We hope you found what you were looking for, while learning a few new flowering plants (that start with the letter N) along the way.

With so many flowering plants out there (around 250,000, to be as specific as possible), it is clear to see that not many flowers that start with N. Despite this, there are a few flowers that start with N that are more well-known than others.

Before you go, make sure to save this complete list of flowers beginning with N for future reference!

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