19 Marvellous Magnolia Fruits (Including Pictures)

There are so many different varieties of trees out in the natural world, and all it takes is a keen eye to notice them.

Magnolia Fruits

These trees also bear their own distinct fruit, which helps to make them all noteworthy in their own way. Perhaps one of the most interesting trees in the world is the Magnolia tree.

There are currently in excess of 80 distinct species of magnolia trees currently thriving across the world.

And, of course, with so many different types of the magnolia tree, there is also a wide variety of fruits that those trees bear.

But what fruits do magnolia trees bear? How do they differ? What makes them unique? Are they all edible?

Why don’t we take a comprehensive look at some of the most exciting fruits that thrive on the magnolia tree to get a greater insight into the amazing bounties of these amazing trees!

1. Standard Magnolia Fruit

Standard Magnolia Fruit

The most common type of fruit from the Magnolia Grandiflora tree has a very distinct conical shape, very similar in appearance to a pine cone.

These fruits are classified as ‘Follicetum’, as they are made up of lots of individual follicles that each contain multitudes of seeds.

What Are Magnolia Fruit Used For?

The standard fruit from a Magnolia Grandiflora tree is most commonly used for medicinal purposes, to create remedies for all manner of ailments.

Magnolia fruit can also be eaten raw or pickled for later consumption. The fruit of the Magnolia Grandiflora is often described as having a very sweet and almost sour taste that makes it very interesting on the palate.

The fruit of the Magnolia Grandiflora tree is also often rather spicy, so many use it in spicy sauces or recipes to add an extra flair.

2. Magnolia Cultivars

It is very important to mention that Magnolia trees largely produce very similar fruit, but that those same fruits can vary quite a lot depending on which variety of Magnolia tree it is growing on.

Let’s take a look at some different cultivars and their differing fruits!

3. Magnolia Acuminata Blue Baby

The ‘Blue Baby’ variety produces very distinct plants that have a rather bluish hue mixed with a natural green. This makes them very pleasant to look at.

The Blue Baby also produces fruits that have a very sweet and sour taste that make them very interesting to behold.

Magnolia Fruits

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4. Magnolia Stellata

Magnolia fruits

The Magnolia Stellata is also commonly called the Star Magnolia, thanks to the beautiful star-shaped flowers it produces. These particular Magnolias are native to Japan.

The Stellata produces a slightly red fruit with a distinctly rounded shape. These fruits are commonly found in clusters which give the entire fruit a very knobby shape.

It is safe to eat the fruit of the Magnolia Stellata, and it often has a very sharp and sweet taste.

5. Magnolia Soulangeana

Magnolia Fruits

This particular family of the Magnolia tree is also commonly known as the ‘Saucer Magnolia’.

The Soulangeana produces follicle-shaped fruits that grow naturally amongst the leaves of the tree.

These fruits have a dark red appearance and emerge from distinct pods that hang from the branches of the tree.

The taste of the Soulangeana fruit is sweet and sour, making it very pleasant.

6. Magnolia Virginiana

Magnolia Fruits

The Virginiana tree is also commonly known as the ‘Sweetbay Magnolia’. These trees are most commonly found towards the swamps of the Atlantic coastal plain of the United States.

The fruit of the tree comes in the form of distinct follicles, with plenty of long pink/red berries which emerge from the tree when mature.

When these fruits are still in an immature state they take on a very green appearance.

7. Magnolia Loebneri

The Magnolia Loebneri was created as a hybrid species of the Japanese Magnolia Kobus, and the Magnolia Stellata.

The Magnolia Loebneri bears very attractive flowers and fruits that make it a very attractive tree.

The fruits that grow from the Loebneri tree have a very follicular shape and are made up of clumps of smaller fruits. Before they are ripe for picking, these fruits have a very pale green appearance.

When ready for picking, these fruits have a rather red/orange appearance.

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8. Magnolia Anise

Magnolia Fruits

This Japanese native variety of Magnolia is truly a sight to behold. It boasts amazing white leaves that glisten in the sunlight and simply look absolutely incredible.

This particular Magnolia tree also bears fruit, with careful cultivation. Similar to many other Magnolia species, this particular tree boasts red seeds that emerge from their pods when ripe.

The deep red color of the Anise fruit stands in contrast to the muted green color of the leaves, to create a truly attractive tree.

9. Magnolia Macrophylla

Magnolia Fruits

The Macrophylla is also very commonly referred to as the ‘bigleaf’ Magnolia. This is because they bear leaves of an incredible size that makes the tree a sight to behold.

Again, this type of Magnolia tree bears conical fruit clusters of sharply sweet berries that are pleasurable to the tongue and taste simply amazing.

The conical fruit is large in size and is eaten by a wide variety of wildlife.

10. Magnolia Ashei

This variety of the Magnolia family produces fruits of a more distinct appearance. The fruits, while still taking on a conical shape, are instead a more purple-hued color of red.

This makes them contrast starkly against the pure white flowers of the tree.

The fruits are also seed-bearing, allowing the fruits to propagate easily, especially when eaten by certain creatures that enjoy feasting upon them.

11. Magnolia Acuminata

Magnolia Fruits

The Magnolia Acuminata is also very often called the ‘Cucumber Tree‘, thanks to the fruits it produces.

When the fruits of this tree are immature and not yet ready for picking, they commonly take on the shape of a standard cucumber and boast a green color.

When the fruit matures and becomes ripened it has a very impressive and striking orange color, with a very massive size. These fruits emerge from the cucumber-shaped shell which itself goes red.

12. Magnolia LiliiFlora

Magnolia Fruits

The Magnolia LiliiFlora produces incredibly darker flowers that stand in stark contrast to the usual brighter color of other magnolia plants.

The LiliiFlora also boasts very colorful fruits which have a conical shape when fully matured.

These fruits are very sweet, very sour, and are very fragrant, just like the flowers that the tree produces across its branches.

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13. Magnolia Kubos

Magnolia Kubos

The Kobus variety of Magnolia tree produces flowers very similar to other magnolia trees, and largely conform to the usual expectations of a magnolia tree.

The clustered fruits of the Kobus tree have a very pleasant appearance that makes the tree appear very bountiful and lively.

The fruits themselves have a pleasant light-red hue that is also slightly orange in appearance.

14. Magnolia Tripetala

Magnolia Fruits

‘Umbrella Magnolia’ is another name for this variety of Magnolia trees.

This is because of the unique shape of the flowers that sprout from the branches, which are very similar in appearance to a standard umbrella.

This tree produces red fruits that grow out in long 10 centimeter rows of red seeds that are practically bursting with sweet and tangy juices.

When mature, you will notice that the berries pop out from their shell, like they are just waiting to be eaten.

15. Magnolia Binette

Magnolia Binette

The Magnolia Binette may appear rather ordinary on its surface, but it boasts incredibly vibrant and lively-looking fruits and flowers that make it a treat to behold with your own eyes.

The fruits that grow on this particular magnolia tree are red and conical in shape, and practically beg to be picked when they have fully matured and ripened.

16. Magnolia Chameleon

Magnolia Fruits

Despite its name, the Magnolia Chameleon is actually a very showy tree that simply adores the spotlight, and likes to thrive in plain sight.

It gives life to very vibrant white flowers with thin and slender petals, and, of course, it also bears red and conical fruits that are bursting with flavor and personality.

17. Magnolia Concolor

Magnolia Concolor

This tree produces very interesting leaves that feature a strange mix between green and red colors that give the tree a very purple appearance from a distance.

The fruits produced by this tree are not quite as bountiful as on other magnolia trees, but they still boast that characteristic red color that makes the whole tree pop when viewed from any angle.

18. Magnolia Encore

This tree always deserves a standing ovation, and always knows how to put on one hell of a show.

The leaves and flowers that bloom from its various branches are beautiful in appearance, and conjure beautiful mental images of nature at its best.

This tree also produces a whole host of fruits that continuously grow from it, as if it were performing a perpetual encore, truly in tune with its incredible name.

19. Magnolia Gere

The flowers of the Magnolia Gere tree are truly some of the most beautiful in the entire Magnolia family.

They feature beautiful blooming shapes that are complemented by the pure white color and the light texture that absorbs light beautifully to make them shine.

As you have likely come to expect, the Gere produces fruit that is reddish in color and conical in shape. This fruit is very pleasant to eat and has a very nice sweetness to it that pops upon every bite.

To Wrap Up

We’ve explored a lot of incredible Magnolia fruits today, but this is truly only the tip of the iceberg!

There are thousands and thousands of Magnolia tree varieties that we did not even get to touch on today.

Not every variety of Magnolia tree bears fruit, and many magnolia trees that do bear fruit largely bear fruit of similar appearance and taste.

We hope we’ve managed to enlighten you and show you some of the exciting ways in which Magnolia fruits can vary, as there is so much to be gained from the perennial favorite that is the Magnolia tree.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is magnolia fruit good for?

Magnolia fruit has uses as varied as medicinal use and culinary use. Most magnolia fruits have a very pleasant and sweet taste that makes them very tasty to snack on or to add to a variety of dishes.

Medicinal uses of Magnolia fruits range from helping to recover from anxiety attacks, depression, fever, or headaches. They can also be used to aid in weight loss.

Is magnolia good for skin?

Yes, very much so. In fact, there are many beauty products that contain Magnolia extract and Magnolia essential oils, to be used directly on the skin.

When applied to the skin, Magnolia helps to reduce puffiness and redness, which leaves skin looking luminous and relaxed, and helps to ease tense or dry skin to make skin appear more beautiful and natural.

Is magnolia safe in pregnancy?

You should generally avoid using Magnolia products during pregnancy, as they could prove quite poisonous for your baby.

Instead, use pregnancy-safe products for your baby and body whilst pregnant.

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