17 Different Plants That Start With Q (Including Photos)

Plants That Start With Q

There are a host of plant varieties in the world from flowering plants to climbing plants and fruiting plants. In this article we focused about plants that start with Q

Each plant embodies a unique beauty and is admired for something specific. 

This article will share a list of some great plants that start with Q from across the world exploring their origin and unique features. 

1. Quadricolor Agave Lopthana 

17 Different Plants That Start With Q (Including Photos)

The agave lopthana is a succulent plants that start with Q, that is commonly grown for ornamental purposes. The beautiful plant consists of a unique pattern of the inner part of each leaf consisting of two green strips in the center and two yellow stripes on the outside of the leaf.

This eye-catching appearance makes it a great plant to show off.  The agave lopthana can grow up to 45 cm and produces bright yellow flowers. This plant can be grown both indoors and outdoors but thrives in conditions where it is in well-drained soil and can get plenty of sun.

2. Quaker’s Bonnet 

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The quaker’s bonnet plants that start with Q it is also scientifically known as Primula vulgaris, is a primrose plant that can commonly be found presented at flower shows. The plant is native to several areas across Europe and Turkey.

This delicate plant is known for producing beautiful pink and lilac, rose-like flowers that are great attractors of pollinators. The quaker’s bonnet primrose grows best in conditions of sandy or clay soil.

As a perennial plant, this plant is guaranteed to flower again and again each year for a spectacular show. 

3. Quaking Aspen 

Plants That Start With Q

Scientifically known as Populus tremuloides, the quaking aspen tree is native to North America and is classified as a deciduous tree. Quaking aspen trees can grow to amazing heights of up to 25 meters.

The unique tree is classed as a white tree as is recognized by its long smooth, pale bark with distinctive black horizontal marks. During the autumn, the quaking aspen can be seen from a distance with its stunning golden leaves.

The quaking aspen can most commonly be found growing across Canada as it thrives in cooler temperatures and moist soil. 

4. Quaking Grass 

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Quaking grass, also scientifically known as Briza media, is classified as semi-evergreen grass. The grass species can be recognized by its tufted leaves and its purple-green flower blossoms that resemble an oat. These flowers are produced in the summer.

Quaking grass can commonly be found in meadows as it is a wildflower that is native to several regions of Europe and Asia. Quaking grass is often grown as an ornamental plant as it is relatively easy to grow and thrives in a range of soils.

Though the grass looks delicate on the surface, the grass is drought tolerant but it isn’t great when it comes to warmer temperatures as it is intolerant to extreme heat. 

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5. Queen Anne’s Lace Dara 

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Queen Anne’s Lace is a wildflower native to Europe but it can commonly be found growing in the US. Though often perceived as an invasive weed, the Queen Anne’s lace produces beautiful clusters of white flowers and can make an attractive addition to a garden for a natural wildflower look.

Queen Anne’s lace is commonly known as a wild carrot and scientifically known as Daucus carota. Its name of the wild carrot comes from its history of being used as a carrot.

However, the plant is no longer widely consumed due to the advancement of cultivated carrots and due to queen Anne’s lace only being edible from a very young age. 

6. Queen Anthurium 

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The queen anthurium is a tropical plant that is commonly used as an ornamental houseplant. This plant is native to the tropical region of Colombia as the plant is known for thriving in warm and humid climates.

The queen anthurium is considered to be quite difficult to care for as they require plenty of water whilst they grow but are also susceptible to being overwatered.

The queen anthurium consists of distinctive long spear-like drooping leaves with bright white-green veins across the leaves. The plant can grow up to 4 ft long making it an attractive houseplant. 

7. Queen Of The Night 

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Scientifically known as Epiphyllum, the Queen of the night is a species of cactus. The cactus is native to Southern Mexico but can also be found in several areas of South America. The queen of the night is recognized for the stunning flowers it produces which only bloom at night and wilt before dawn.

Commonly used for ornamental purposes, the queen of the night is widely cultivated across several tropical and subtropical regions and can be found in southeast Asia. It is often widely used for medical purposes across Asia due to its containing beneficial properties. 

8. Queen Victoria Agave 

Plants That Start With Q

Queen Victoria agave is an evergreen and is classified as a perennial succulent. The unique cactus-looking plant consists of thick green leaves organized to create a sphere. This aesthetically pleasing plant consists of dark green smooth leaves with a thin white border.

These plants are commonly used for ornamental purposes due to their neat appearance. These plants are known for flowering once after they’re 10 years old. When they do bloom, the succulent produces creamy white flowers.

The Queen Victoria agave is hardy and grows well in dry soil and it is extremely tolerant to drought. 

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9. Queensland Firewheel Tree 

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Scientifically known as Stenocarpus sinuatus, the Queensland firewheel tree is a large and sturdy tree that is native to Australia. This brilliant, bold plant can be found growing in the rainforests of Australia.

The plant is recognized by the distinctive fire-red flowers it produces which make the plant popular for growing for ornamental purposes.

Due to its unique appearance, the plant is internationally commercially cultivated. Its flowers are organized in a spherical formation and consist of bright yellow specks and the end of each petal. These flowers are known to flower between February and March. 

10. Queensland Umbrella Tree 

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The Queensland umbrella tree, also known as Heptapleurum, is a flowering plant that is native to the tropical rainforests of Australia, Java, and New Guinea. Classified as an evergreen tree, the Queensland umbrella tree is a unique multi-trunked tropical tree.

The tree consists of large matt green leaves that droop. From a distance, the drooping leaves create the shape of an umbrella. During the full bloom, the Queensland umbrella tree produces up to 1000 red-stemmed flowers that produce sweet-scented nectar.

The Queensland umbrella tree thrives in well-drained soil and a warm climate.

11. Quehla Chin Cactus 

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The Quehla chin cactus, scientifically known as Gymnocalycium quehlianum is a member of the cactus family and is classified as a flowering plant.

This spherical cactus plant is native to northern Argentina. The Quehla chin cactus consists of a thick green ribbed skin surrounded by white spines. This cactus plant is recognized by its daisy-like flowers

12. Quercus Aliena 

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Quercus aliena is characterized as a species of oak tree. The Quercus aliena possesses the common features of an oak tree such as the oblong shape of the leaves and producing acorns.

There are over 500 species of the Quercus oak tree. The Quercus aliena is a slow-growing tree and can grow to 30 meters tall. The oak tree is native to East Asia. 

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13. Quimilio Prickly Pear 

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The Quimilio prickly pear is a tropical cactus plant. Considered a shrub, the Quimilio prickly pear consists of a single trunk that consists of stacked padded cactus. Though starting as a small cactus plant, the Quimilio prickly pear can grow to about 2 meters tall.

The shrub is classified as a flowering plant and is recognized for producing bright orange flowers and is known to bloom during March. The Quimilo prickly pear is a hardy plant that can withstand extreme environments from harsh winter temperatures to being in the full sun. 

14. Quinoa 

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You may have heard of quinoa, it stands to be a widely consumed grain that is considered to be highly nutritious. Quinoa is a flowering plant that produces an edible seed which is the part that is used for culinary purposes.

It is a crop that is native to northwestern South America. The quinoa seed stands to be a great source of protein and fiber. Historically quinoa has commonly been used as a source of food for feeding livestock. It has also long been used as a source of nutrition.

Due to its nutritional value, quinoa is widely cultivated internationally and can commonly be found in several regions including India, Europe, Kenya, and the United States. 

15. Quince 

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Scientifically known as Cydonia oblonga, the quince is a member of the rose family. This plant is most recognized for producing a pome fruit which can be related to other pome fruits such as apples and pears. The edible quince fruit is characterized as a combination of the apple and the pear.

The fruit consists of yellow skin, a pear shape, and a sweet apple flavor. The quickie is a hardy plant that grows well in many different types of soil. Besides its edible fruit, the quince is also recognized for its beautiful and delicate pink flowers that produce a sweet fragrance.

16. Quercus Rubra 

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The Quercus rubra, also known as the northern red oak, is a species of oak tree that is native to America but has since been cultivated in western Europe for ornamental purposes as it is known for producing brilliant red leaves.

The Quercus rubra can most commonly be found growing in marks and woodlands. The tree is known to thrive in areas of well-drained soil and in areas of full sun. 

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17. Quisqualis Mussiendafolia 

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The quisqualis mussiendafolia, also known as a red riot, is classified as a climbing plant that is recognized for producing bright, deep red flowers with small tiny white flowers. The plant is known to flower for a long duration from mid-summer to late autumn.

The quisqualis mussiendafolia is classified as a versatile shrub that grows well in frosty weather conditions as well as conditions of full sun. The quisqualis mussiendafolia thrives in well-drained soils and requires very little watering. The Quisqalis plants that start with Q


The types of plants that start with Q are varied, from white trees to plants that only bloom at night. We’ve shared with you some fantastic plant species that you can look out for. 

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