28 Fantastic Plants That Start With H (Including Pictures)

Hunting for some herbaceous horticultural plants that start with H? Finding exciting species that are suitable can be overwhelming, especially when you’re on a budget.

Berry Timeless

However, we love plants aplenty to suit different tastes, gardening skills, and landscaping designs

But, with excellent leafy, spiky, and wooded options out there, it can be hard to find the exact right one.

Picking the wrong species can mean that you are left ill-equipped to care for it, leading it to die on you. So, we want to help you out and make your research mission easier.

We’ve scanned the internet so that you don’t have to! The following article talks about many plants that begin with H, going through what care they need and what they look like. If this interests you, we recommend that you read on.

There’s loads of stuff here that can support you, whether you are a gardener or simply love looking at natural beauty.

1. Habranthus ‘Candy Cane’

We believe that this plant takes its name from the stripy pink and white design that is slightly reminiscent of a candy cane.

This species loves being in partial or full sun, thriving in a pot that’s at least 3.5 inches, and growing to at least 8 inches tall.

2. Habranthus Robustus ‘Pink Chiffon.’

This is a super pretty plant with light pink blooms, which originates from South America, so it loves having access to lots of UV rays.

It can grow to 10 inches tall when it’s well looked after, including enough water.

3. Hedychirum Coccineum ‘Slim’s Orange.’

Do you want a species that will add vibrancy to any landscape in which it’s placed?

For example, this produces pink-orange flowers in an extended formation when it’s in sunny conditions, making it ideal for planting in a warm climate.

4. Hedychium Coronarium

This plant produces frilly white blooms with light yellow centers and can grow to 60 inches tall when it’s mature.

Native to Tropical Asia, it likes water and can even be planted in a pot so that you can quickly move it around your balcony, patio, or garden.

5. Hedychium Deceptum

This subspecies is a bushy plant with red plumbing blooms reaching skyward atop long, wavy leaves.

As it originates from India, it thrives in full or partial sunlight, so you can grow this space-filler quickly if your spot basks in UV Rays.

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6. Helianthus Angustifolius ‘First Light

Are you searching for a species that will give you vibrant yellow flowers, which remind you of sun rays?

If so, the Helianthus angustifolius ‘First Light’ delivers its thick daisy-shaped structure, as long as it’s placed under bright sunlight.

7. Helleborus x Ballardiae ‘Pink Frost’

This evergreen species will reward you for caring for it with delicate pink-brown flowers.

For those with an unloved, slightly shaded spot they want to fill in their garden, we recommend that you plant this shrub.

8. Helleborus Foetidus ‘Red Silver’

Growing long, abstract finger-like leaves, which fan out in a tropical formation, the Helleborus foetidus ‘Red Silver’ is undoubtedly eye-catching.

This evergreen has red-tipped white flowers, which thrive in partial to lightly shaded areas and in a 3.5 inches pot.

9. Helleborus x Hybridus ‘Blushing Bridesmaid.’

This starry blossom has purple tips blending into a soft white and light yellow center. This evergreen is a hybrid, growing to 18 inches tall when mature and kept in appropriate conditions.

10. Hemerocallis Altissima ‘Flyover.’

The spindly Hemerocallis altissima ‘Flyover’ is topped with elegant yellow flowers, which fan themselves towards the glowing sun.

Originating from China, this species adores sunlight, which means it can reach the clouds at 65 inches tall.

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11. Hemerocallis ‘Chancellor’

There are 6 warm-colored petals on the Hemerocallis ‘Chancellor’, red-orange with golden yellow centers.

The sunlight is soaked up by the long green leaves below these bouquet-worthy blooms, which would also look perfect in a pretty vase.

12. Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Minaret’

The Hemerocallis ‘Autumn Minaret” has spiky golden flowers, allowing you to bring a bright element to any landscape you add them to.

Growing to 75 inches high when it’s in bright sunlight, the ‘Autumn Minaret’ has fall-colored blooms, which can be grown in a 3.5-inch plant pot.

13. Heuchera ‘Berry Timeless’

An elegant addition to any garden, the tall Heuchera ‘Berry Timeless’ nurtures speckled pink flowers which grow well upwards.

The dark green leaves have vein designs that bush out beneath the blooms and can be placed slightly.

14. Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’

Adding some interest to a boring flower bed, the Hemerocallis ‘Striped Fantastic’ has long white and green striped leaves, adding angles to any undefined space.

And as if that wasn’t awesome enough, these striking plants have light yellow frilly petals, which form a wide trumpeting shape.

15. Heuchera ‘Electric Plum’

This species proves that leaves don’t have to be bland and green as purple foliage! The evergreen plant can thrive in partial sun, a 3.5-inch pot, growing to 10 inches tall.

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16. Heuchera ‘Frilly’

This is a super frilly yellow and orange evergreen, which originates from the United States, reaching 12 inches when mature.

The plant would make for a bushy addition to any flower bed, which means that you can bring texture to a flat space.

17. Hibiscus ‘Airbrush Effect

The hot pink petals have a circular shape, which would look fabulous when placed in a flower arrangement for a vibrant wedding.

The dark shiny leaves in between soak up sunlight to photosynthesize and help the stems grow 48 inches tall.

18. Hibiscus ‘Cranberry Crush’

This Hibiscus subspecies is rosy red, staying dormant over winter and reigniting in spring to create these romantic-colored blooms.

Native to the United States, this species adores being in a super sunny environment and can tolerate being in a pot so that you can add nature to a balcony space.

19. Hibiscus Dasycalyx

Hibiscus Dasycalyx

For those looking for a plant that is perfect for a bridal scheme, the Hibiscus dasycalyx creates pure white frilly petals.

So, as long as you keep it in partial or complete sunlight, you can grow your own wedding bouquet flowers with a burgundy center.

20. Hippeastrum x Johnsonii

The Hippeastrum x johnsonii has bold red and white striped petals facing outwards from a thin green stem.

This is a funky hybrid, which we recommend you plant in a sunny spot so that it can reach 20 inches tall.

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21. Hosta ‘A Scape Plan’

The Hosta ‘A Scape Plan’ is a hybrid that grows close to the ground and produces thick waxy leaves fanning over the flower bed.

There are delicate tiny white flowers on it, thriving in light shade, making it perfect for planting next to taller species.

22. Hosta ‘Atlantis’

This is a variegated leafy plant with yellow-edged foliage, which adds lightness to any area it’s placed in.

The species can grow to 24 inches tall, and as a low-down plant, it can exist in a shaded spot, which means it’s a perfect space filler.

23. Hosta ‘Age of Gold’

The Hosta ‘Age of Gold’ produces broad flat yellow-green leaves with a laid-back fluffy shape.

Dormant in winter, this species can grow to 24 inches tall when placed in a lightly shaded area, which means it’s excellent for placing near high trees.

24. Hosta Earth Angel

Are you looking for relatively easy care for a variegated plant, which is super bushy?

If so, the Hosta Earth Angel has an interesting stripy ombre pattern, which can lap up enough sunlight even if it’s in partial shade.

25. Hosta Rectifolia ‘Mito-no-hana’

The Hosta rectifolia ‘Mito-no-hana’ has dark and light green rounded triangular-shaped foliage, a vibrant plant.

At 15 inches tall, this Japanese native is dormant in winter and can even deal with partially shaded areas.

26. Hosta ‘Scentuous’

The Hosta ‘Scentuous’ produces light lilac flowers, which surround a light green colored stem. This species will provide pretty vibrance to any landscaping scheme, so it’s perfect for an elegant person.

27. Hymencallis Caribbean ‘Tropical Giant’

The Hymencallis Caribbean ‘Tropical Giant’ has striking white flowers consisting of long spiky petals with a trumpeted center.

Once placed in full or partial sun with enough water, this plant can thrive well so that you can enjoy this species’ unique shape.

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28. Hypericum X Inordorum Hypearl Compact Red.’

The Hypericum x inordorum Hypearl Compact Red’ has dark purple-green foliage with speckling pink flowers. It’s a busy plant, soaking up the sun, whether it’s mainly in the shade or bright UV Rays.


So many plants start with H, which suits those from large estates to small balconies.

So whether you want a flower-filled plant, perennial, evergreen, shrub, or cactus, there’s something out there for you.

We hope you found inspiration in this article, learned about gorgeous green species, and enjoyed looking at pretty blossoms.

Our personal favorite is Hibiscus ‘Airbrush Effect’ because it’s super vibrant and brings a hot pink vibe to any garden. We also love the variegated species, which have stripy and striking leaves.

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